2 Broke Girls

Season 3 Episode 21

And the Wedding Cake Cake Cake

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Apr 14, 2014 on CBS

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  • Was

    Forget about Lindsey isn't anyone mentioning that Flo from the Insurance commercials was in this episode? That took me by surprise....
  • What?!?!

    So, no more Deke? Pastry school closed out of nowhere, Deke is gone and they are not even going to reference it anymore? So they PUSHED his dumpster to Manhattan and he didn't go after her? :(

    Well, hopefully it will pick up. They could've kept Deke and dumped Sophie.
  • And the Cake Flop Flop Flopped

    I Love Two Broke girls! Tonights episode with Lindsay Logan was going Great UNTIL LiLo made her entrance! From that severely lacking moment on, it seemed forced! Max & Caroline did as good of job as they could working with this over played Use To Be. Lindsay looks Old, Plumped, Stuffed & her acting skills have been left in a time warp with Parent Trap ( the remake not for my love for the show & my opened mind I would skipped this episode All together! I guess it's nice that so many in Hollywood want to throw parts Lindsay's way in hopes of saving her, but time & money would be better spent sending her to Acting School! It was Sad Sad Sad watching Lilo flip tonight's show into a flop! Thankfully Max & Caroline were able to recue every moment before & after the ditsy wanna be bride left the set. Sorry that I was optimistic tonight :(