2 Broke Girls

Season 2 Episode 14

And Too Little Sleep

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Jan 21, 2013 on CBS



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    • Andy: I think we have to break up.
      Max: I thought you already broke up.
      Andy: No, I'm talking about you and me.
      Max: You're dumping me? Wow, last guy who dumped me, I burned down his housed and moved. Still wanna continue this conversation?

    • Max: You threw him a peace sign!? What are you a Japanese teenager?
      Caroline: It's a gesture of good will.
      Max: Okay, but if I see you doing an open heart, I will kill you.

    • Hipster: Can I get another refill?
      Max: Yes, can I get an explanation of why you're wearing overalls when there are no goats around? (Hipster begins drumming on the table) Oh, great, now he's drumming! Overalls, free coffee refills and drumming. We can stop looking, we found the worlds most annoying hipster.

    • Max: (while quickly leading a hunched over Caroline out of the restaurant) Han we have an emergency, Caroline's sick. She's so sick she can't even stand up. We won't be able to stay and finish our shifts, we have to go right to the emergency room. (Caroline makes a gagging sound) We don't know what's wrong with her, but it's coming out of both ends, it might be super gonorrhea, bye!

    • Sophie: Look at my new coat! It's double breasted.
      Oleg: Pretty nice, huh? It was a gift from me.
      Sophie: It's the only thing he ever gave me that didn't threaten my reproductive health.

    • Max: (about the stove at the cupcake shop) Yea, it wobbles, it smokes, and one time it burned me. That's why I nicknamed it 'Mom'.

    • Max: (about Caroline and Andy's break up) Maybe you two are like Chris Brown and Rihanna minus the punching and the duet. I'm kinda surprised, I thought you two were good together.
      Caroline: Andy is great, and on the surface he was there for my and very supportive, but then he got fed up when it was so much about me and my career, and when push came to shove he left like he had to pull away for his own well-being. Oh my god, we are Rihanna and Chris Brown, but I'm Chris Brown!
      Max: Speaking of Chris Brown, I'm gonna start to batter (pours batter into the cupcake tins.)

    • Caroline: The coffee's already working, because I figured out if it's midnight,and we have to be done at 10 am, so if it's 40 minutes per batch from beginning to end, baking 4 dozen at a time, that's 48 cupcakes times 20 trips to the oven, which equal 9 hours, which equals $4,000.
      Max: Give me that! Let's see if I can do math too. (drinks coffee) Ask me something.
      Caroline: 16 x 12?
      Max: I'm just gonna enjoy my coffee.

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