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Season 3 of 2 Broke Girls is half way through and there have been some interesting developments. Max, with Caroline's help, is now enrolled at The Manhattan School of Pastry. The school is owned and operated by French chef Nicolas SaintCroix (Gilles Marini) who has a crush on Caroline, who works in the school's office. After a round of heated texting, including a video text of chef Nicolas cooking breakfast without his shirt on, Caroline decides to hook up with him. She tells Max that she wants to go slow so she asks Max to come on the date and that she will wink if she wants things to come to a halt. This strategy doesn't work out too well and Max ends up having to drag Caroline out of the bar before things get out of hand. After the date, Caroline finds out that Nicolas is married to a woman named Juliette who still lives in France. At the end of the episode, Caroline is mulling over what to do next.

The pastry school scenario has also presented the producers of 2 Broke Girls an opportunity to introduce two new recurring characters. The first is Bebe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) who is the office manager at the pastry school and has mental health issues.

In this week's episode, she shares a salad at lunch with Caroline and remarks, "That it tastes just like lettuce." and, "That maybe next time they can have a sandwich because she's always wanted to try one."

But, my favourite new character is Deke (Eric Andre).

Deke is a classmate of Max's and is essentially the male version of Max. They have become close and at the beginning of the episode Deke is hanging out at the diner. When he sees Han for the first time he asks Max, "Should we help him find his mommy?" to which Han replies, "Great, now there's two of them." Caroline is not so sure she wants Max spending so much time with Deke. When Max asks what the problem is, Caroline replies, "I never even watched The Muppets when I was a kid." Which Muppet does Deke remind Caroline of?

I know that 2 Broke Girls is not going to win any awards or anything but it's a fun way to start off my week. The two new characters have added to that fun.

Let me know what you think of Bebe and Deke.
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