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Anyone have actual contact info for the writers or producers of the show?

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    I rarely ever think of this but I know they like to take suggestions from viewers and I would like to suggest something that could be interesting.

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    here we go - they will most likely NOT encourage this,

    on the basis of legal complications....

    for example, you add a cross dressing guy to the show and create a

    "new two and half women" formula (LOL)...

    >>It will always be in their rear view mirror ( as they will worry) You

    will goto ET/TMZ, etc at any time as the "fan" who gave them the idea...and have

    to deal with that drama and "day 42 of the fan who says the writers stole

    their story..."

    >>Next :

    Writers, in general, do NOT like "advice" as it a two headed monster

    (A) They paid their dues, and it is their vision to WRITE it / yours to ENJOY

    (B) and iF there is something (and I believe there very well may be some thing awesome)

    ...the writers' boss ( Networks exec's) will look at the writer, and it would be a possible

    "why Am I paying you" situation - and while the on-aire product should be the focus,

    an unhealthy distraction becomes AM I still employed after the new story line takes off...

    ( Since the writer didn't come up with it - why would they keep them aronud )

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    To answer your original question, if you wish to contact people associated with this show try the following Press contacts. I've had no problem asking them questions, etc. and getting an answer. But as to getting your ideas written into a script, that could be a difficult task.

    Andrea Ballas

    Katie Barker

    Liza Rindge-Peterson
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