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    "highest-testing pilot we've ever had at CBS. Ever." - Nina Tassler

    Television record keepers immediately wondered if such an alignment of stars had ever happened before. Ms. Cummings, a 28-year-old comedian, has been appearing on Comedy Central and "Chelsea Lately" on E!, but now, suddenly, she is producing and starring in a show on one major network and producing a show on another.Laughing

    About Whitney and this show:

    she heard that Michael Patrick King, who wrote for and produced shows like "Murphy Brown" and "Sex and the City," was looking for a young, funny female writing partner for the sitcom idea that became "2 Broke Girls." They quickly paired up, "and she was instrumental in getting that show going," said Peter Roth, the chief executive of Warner Brothers Television, which is producing "2 Broke Girls."

    Both of Ms. Cummings's projects are multicamera comedies with live studio audiences.



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    It doesn't mean much for the first episode. If people hate it after they seen that first episode, they might not come back. On top of that, with 2 Broke Girls, CBS to me is making such a HUGE mistake that I can't believe it! They are switching the time on that show from 8:30 pm central to now 7:30 pm central. That is the dumbest thing ever! They are trying to keep brand new viewers to the show, and they are playing around with the time! Sure, they are doing that because the one show they had a hour, but still they don't confuse people like that. They might think it's on 8:30 pm this Monday, and miss the show completely. Heck, maybe they think it's cancelled!

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    It's out-performing its Lead-In on a weekly basis.

    Pretty Good if you ask me.
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