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Did I miss something?

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    [1]Feb 8, 2014
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    so, the ATM episode, Deke is a millionaire !?

    I did some homework, and see "feel like a million bucks"

    was the reveal episode, but it was not on my dvr (pvr)

    Was there something timely, in the episode that would have

    made it insensitive? Was it an earlier episode, and I just missed it....

    2 Broke girls is not a series where each episode is

    pinnacle to the on-going bigger picture. It is a show where you can pick it up/follow along...

    at any point, so I "figured it out" but still wonder why / how I missed the reveal episode....

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    For the most part, yes, the series is usually one where you can just jump in at any point during the season and watch and get some laughs in, but at the same time, every season usually has an ongoing story-arc or two. Season 1 had Max's relationship with Johnny, which actually carries on into further seasons, and the introduction of Sophie and Oleg's sex escapades. Season two had the "too big, too soon" cupcake shop, and Caroline and Andy's relationship. Season three has the girls at the Manhattan School of Pastry and Max and Deke's relationship.

    But, it's kind of a hybrid between a procedural comedy, mixed with loose continuity and mini arcs wrapped in.

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