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I don't get it

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    [1]Jun 13, 2012
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    I'm getting to be more on the fence about "2 Broke Girls". I've sometimes seen it, but cannot bring myself to tune in for it as often. I still suppose in some ways it can be kind of funny and appealing, but I'm finding it to be more sterotype.

    This is yet another one of those single friends shows that rather potrays single persons in a sterotypical way. Not all single people are like that or live that way in general, much less in New York.

    This is why I'm on mixed fences about a lot of the cbs sitcomes these days, with this one, "How I Met Your Mother", even "Mike and Molly" is wearing thin really fast.

    I'm just not in to this type of stuff that is not realistic and potrays any persons, married, coupled, or single in very steretype ways. We do not all just sit on our asses and goof around on week days, and goof off at the bars and night clubs every night until 5 a.m. in the moring.

    cbs more than ever these days are overkill on allthese couple dating sitcoms, which are weraing thin more and more, with the same thing repeated over and over,. The demegraphic could be more easlily mixed in with a family sitcom.

    abc has "The Middle", Modern Family", and that new one "Last Man Standing". At least those are good quality sitcoms that are more realistic, have better appeal, and even the stretched stoylines they will also do are better than the ones they come up with on cbs. Maybe if cbs would come up with even one family oriented sitcom, that would be a break through improvement on their part. abc has the single friend sitcoms like "Happy Endings", and "Don't Trust THe b" [only a little far less sterotype] but also have those great family sitcoms as well.

    What I'm getting at is it's better to have at least a good combination of the two, with both some single friend sitcoms and good quality family sitcoms.

    This is why I think abc should be teaching cbs a thing or two about how to develop good quality sitcoms.

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    you mean the idea of the show or the quality of it? I sometimes watch it, only because it's between other shows I like. HIMYM is still entertaining at times, LOVE partners, and my mom likes Mike & Molly, and I do a little, too. She also likes 2 broke girls, which is why I sometimes watch it. First, I don't think it's all that funny. It relies on crude humor and appeals more to the teenage crowd. Not something I would really expect after watching CBS for years.

    Second, which plays off my first point, is that it is more targeted to the teenage crowd (right?) sure seems like it. It just seems a little out of place on this network, especially on what is arguably its biggest night of TV. Hey, that's probably why it's doing good. It just seems like it would be more at home on CW or something. Has CBS ever really had shows that were targeted toward a younger audience. One could argue Partners is I guess; but it just doesn't seem like 2 broke girls has that "it" factor that other CBS sitcoms have.

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    Yeah it started out strong but I noticed tonight watching it, I never actually laughed. some things were amusing, but they're really trying to hard with the blatant sex jokes.

    Don't get me wrong, I like sex jokes in other shows, they're just trying too hard here.
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