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    A few episodes of 2BG are a bit hit-and-miss. One of the ones earlier this season was almost completely dead silent, audience-wise. This one was pretty good. Like a surprising number of episodes, it still has nothing to do with their cupcake business that is the reason for the running tally at the end of the show - cupcakes weren't even mentioned - but they managed to add a male love-interest who is able to keep up with them, sassy dialogue-wise. And he's hot as balls. And it is about time they stopped sublimating their romantic/sexual frustration by trading dirty single entendres in the freezer, and found a freaking life. And love.

    BTW, saw an old photo of Ryan with his stupid Bieber hair - so much better now. Like a whole different person. Takes him from supporting surfer stoner to starring lead actor.

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