2 Broke Girls

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 9:30 PM Sep 19, 2011 on CBS

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  • 2 broke girls

    Cool cool cool cool cool
  • Pilot

    The Good:

    -"She's coming..."

    -Oleg. He's that guy everyone works with that hits on all the girls - and he's funny!

    -"Do you know Paris Hilton?" "No, she's a hundred."

    -Max tells Caroline to turn her leather jacket inside-out, but the other side is fur.

    The Bad:

    -In the last scene when Max and Caroline are astride Caroline's horse, they are holding coffee cups that are obviously Starbucks cups. If these girls are hurting for cash, it doesn't make sense that they would their coffee from an expensive coffee vendor like Starbucks.
  • 5 for likeable characters, but it's just not funny..

    Rich girl follows in Friends' Rachel Green's footsteps and starts working at a diner after her dad loses all his money in a scam he conducted. In the diner is another girl who seems to be the complete opposite of her's. Soon an unlikely friendship blossoms after the two girls make a difference in each others' lives and set a goal for the future.

    The concept sounds great but the way it was executed wasn't. It felt too scripted, too familiar. The characters add nothing new to their stereotype roles and the jokes came off as a little bit cheesy.

    However, the girls are very likeable so there's a chance for them to turn this thing around. I mean Joey Tribbiani to me was the most annoying character on television during the first season of Friends and now he's my most cherished characters.

    So, I'll be giving it another chance.
  • Wow! this pilot was just hard to watch


    I didn't even plan to watch this show since it looks so awful and totally uninteresting but I decided to give it a chance since it was right after the Season 9 Premiere of "Two and a Half Men" (which was a superb start without Charlie Sheen). Anyways, I decided to watch the pilot episode of this show "2 Broke Girls" and it was just like I expected... awful. All of the jokes in this pilot episode have been done thousands of times before and they were all just horrible to even hear. The only joke that was a little funny was maybe the "rape" joke but that's probably the only thing that made me laugh just a little. Seriously? the cast is horrible, the script is horrendous, and the jokes just make you want to puke. I don't even think I want to see next week's episode. This show is a apparently about a girl named Max Black who works at a diner and then a former rich girl named Caroline is broke and needs to work at the diner to earn money. It might sound like a good idea from the start but if you watch this pilot episode, it really isn't good. If you people think the 9th season of "Two and Half Men" looks awful then watch this pilot episode and think twice. I might watch next week's episode and maybe a couple more after that but once I see that that this truly is a horrible sitcom then I'm gonna stop watching this awful show "2 Broke Girls". Overall, just avoid this pilot episode and watch the Season Premiere of "Two and Half Men" or even "How I Met Your Mother" (I really don't like the show a whole lot though)... I rather watch "How I Met Your Mother" than this. 1/10

  • I came to this show a little late [I've been on holiday for a few weeks and missed its launch] and I knew nothing about the show or its cast. [For a minute I thought they had booked Paris Hilton].


    As with all these shows the first few episodes are bogged down with character building and scene setting so the writers are working with one hand tied behind their backs. The two main actors look competent enough, if they get decent scripts they should carry it but we'll have to see how many of the bit players survive and keeping a horse tethered in a small yard is cruel, which city dweller thought that would be a good plot line? Overall, a decent start, lets see how it develops now.

  • Not bad, just not that good either.


    I love Kat Dennings. She manages to exude cool without trying too hard and can pull off sarcasm pretty well. So I decided to give "2 Broke Girls" a try solely on her presence. The plot is nothing ground-breaking, and the creators didn't give me much hope either (one is known for her raunchy stand-up routines, the other helmed from "Sex and the City" so I'm told), but hey, how bad can it be?

    The first scenes introduced me to Dennings as Max, a sarcastic Brooklyn waitress. She made fun of hipsters, have a witty retort for everything (but who doesn't in sitcoms?), and exhibits aloofness towards her surroundings. I like this, but what I hate is the laugh track that seems to be turned up especially loud. I liked the hipster scene, but I liked it less because you told me when I was suppose to laugh.

    Then I was introduced to the other faces of the diner that Max works in: the horny waitress, the cook who thinks he's hot stuff, the Asian diner owner who can't speak English properly, and the black guy who makes you "feel whiter that you are." See how low in the barrel this show is scraping that it has characters like these. They weren't a distracting aspect of the pilot, but if they're going to be there every week, I wouldn't mind a little more than what their title requires.

    The other half of the Broke Girls is Caroline (Beth Behrs), a Paris Hilton-type girl who's lost all her money because of daddy's mistakes. I hate characters like these because they're always written the same way, but Caroline is different. She seems pretty smart, a Wharton graduate she claims, is money-savvy, and didn't seem disgusted at working in a diner. She can keep up with Max, making her the only refreshing character in the episode.

    Other stuff happen with Max's boyfriend and the woman she babysits for, but the two girls eventually strike up a friendship. This is where the pilot seems most natural, and if there's more of this in the coming episodes and less of everyone else, then I will likely keep coming back. This show is obviously geared towards the 18-20-something crowd, but its trying too hard with all the forced innuendos and background characters. I like watching Kat Dennings be witty and sarcastic, so I don't need a black guy sprouting out lines like "[Caroline] is workin' harder than Stephen Hawking trying to put on a pair of cufflinks."

    And the twins that Max babysits is named Brad and Angelina; yeah, it's that kind of show.

  • way to start... with "wheres my waitress, Shes cumming ... :\"


    Well honestly the show has not much that u cansqueeze out from it... for introduction of a show i think it was lacking more good acting than just show a girl with huge boobs(max/kat denning) that by the way this chick even that she has natural huge boobs that we saw last year leaked pics on her pink room with a brick wall...

    Either way... whats the deal with all the 2 sided jokes?? i mean its justoverwhelmingits like every line has one 2 sided joke. it still a family hour!!

    oh whats the deal with the black man on the entrance??

    This show doesnt really make much sense

  • I'm Dead Inside


    I was so excited for the premiere, but there was a little part of me that was worried I'd be disappointed, and I can honestly say I loved it!

    It was witty, it was funny, and it was original. Max and Caroline have a great buddy relationship that hasn't really been seen since Laverne and Shirley. I think the restaurant is a great setting for the show. I loved Max's babysitting job also, and I hope to see more of that, and hope to see Peach intertwine with the other characters.

    Overall I thought that this was a great start to a show with a lot of potential, and I can't see how next week plays out.

  • pilot episode.


    Yay for Kat Dennings being back on screen. Despite it's awful title, I really want this show renewed for another season. The acting was good, the jokes were solid, the story line is refreshing, and come on people: it's Kat Dennings.

    The idea of a cupcake shop being the endgame of this show isn't the most attractive story arc but I like that this show at least has some sort of direction going on.

    To be honest if Kat Dennings wasn't in the show, I wouldn't be watching which isn't a good thing. So far, she is the only one who has really impressed. Also hope the cast expands a bit soon. Solid first episode.

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