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  • Twisted show

    The show had some funny moments but it was really disappointing and twisted. I thought it would be about 2 girls trying to make something of themselves. But instead this show seemed to be mostly about having sex, doing drugs and breaking the law. What I hated most about the show was Sofie and Oleg and their DISGUSTING behavior. This show had no dignity.
  • Really? Do people watch this to laugh?

    Badly written, absolutely UNFUNNY and the two main characters seem parodies of themselves (I'm not gonna adress the acting which seems to be constantly terrible). In all honesty, I don't know how people can watch something like this, when there are other series that are far more entertaining and funny. I get that the characters might be "originals", but still a sticom like this is supposed to be funny I wouldnt laugh at it not even if someone was tickling me with a feather under both feet...
  • The cancellation of Two Broke Girls

    I certainly was shock today after hearing that CBS cancel Two Broke Girls after 6 seasons. The season finale sure left for a come back for season 7. I hate when networks cancel a show after it shown it's season finale. Two Broke Girls deserve a season 7 and final season so we viewers can see how the show ends. Ridiculous. I am thinking of dropping cable TV since all the good shows are getting cancel without a series finale. I don't know why a different network is bringing back American Idol for. If the ratings were poor on the previous network then why bring it back. TV today isn't what it used to be.
  • 2 broke girls

    Are you guys serious??? Who in the world thinks This is even remotely funny??? This is without a doubt the most unfunny show ever created!!!

    The characters seem like they are reading cue cards but it doesn't matter because what's written on them is not funny at all

    I can't believe this piece of crap made it 2 shows must be having sex with whoever keeps this garbage going!!!

    There is so many shows that end so soon that are So much better.. yet this anurism continues are you serious ??? REALLY??!!

    This is without a doubt the most unfunny show ever put on TV YET you keep producing it.. where is upper management???? Omg this has to be undeniably the worst show CBS has ever produced!!!

    Who in the he'll thinks this is even remotely funny?????????????

    And who is in charge??? BECAUSE THEY SHOULD BE FIRED!!!!
  • nice show

    like it
  • Keep These Girls Broke

    Before season one, watching the trailers seemed unlikely I would ever watch. As it turns out, these girls play off each other so well I'm always laughing. With that said, the current season doesn't hold a candle to what the show use to be. It was funny for them to stay broke, business ventures and new wardrobes make it less funny. The show is in rerun land.

    Hahn's character is priceless. I can do without Oleg's perversions, and sleeveless shirts in a kitchen is gag worthy.
  • I love this show!

    "Good taste has everything to do with being cultured and being refined; and if art has to do with anything, it has to do with being human" - Rich Mullins

    The acting is goofy and the characters are not very acceptable according to society's standards; but that is probably one of the reasons why I like the show. I understand why people get offended by it. Maybe I can stomach the show as well as I do because it's not any more offensive than the people I know in real life.

    I'd like to see them get more slapstick with baby Barbara. Throw the baby!


    My theory is that everyone bashing on this show doesn't like it because they don't understand nor enjoy good humor, I on the other hand am in love with this show!!!

    People that complain about a show obviously has nothing better to do with their time other than talk trash about something their tiny little brains can not seem to comprehend. Have any of you ever once stopped to think that it's purposely meant to look like bad acting because bad acting can also be hilarious when put into the correct context and

    I mean seriously people get a life and if you don't like it don't complain about it and I will tell you why!!!

    Does their acting in anyway hurt you physically? Are you bleeding? Do you need to get medical attention right away when you watch it?...... NO it does not hurt you, it does not effect your pathetic little lives in any way so why stress over something so insignificant?? Just go on about you're day and live you're life, no need to bash on people unless you are just so bored with the life you have that in reality you are actually jealous of the girls in the show because they have a better life than you which I would find absolutely hilarious cause that is just sad on so many levels.
  • Jumped The Shark

    I've been watching 2 Broker Girls since day one and while it became quite evident LAST season that the writers were struggling with this sitcom, this season has been pretty much bad. Really bad. Very bad. Terribly bad. Bad enough to question why I am watching this sitcom at all. There is no continuity. They writing is all over the board. The plot... while always quite thin... is just about non-existent this season. I doubt very seriously that I will be watching next season and I am on the fence as to if I am going to even bother finishing this one. This show hasn't just Jumped The Shark... it's in the process of being consumed by them.
  • moments of humor ruined by filth and smartassness

    ok i have watched this show' and ocasionally still do some times cause yea it does make me laugh and even smile some times so i dont totally hate them or the show 'but it seems like all that can be done is uncalled for crude and sexual jokes and max being a smartass to the little asian fellow 'dont know his name as i sayed dont watch much ' and i find myself rolling my eyes or being shocked more than i do laughing every time i wacth ' and why i am really pissed is they cancel smart comedies like mike and molly yet this lives on so while its not the worst cbs and you can do wayyy better than this ya want a smart laugh trick sitcom watch mom or the big bang theory ps people are complianing about sofi well shes the only reason i watch as often as i do shes sweet and funny the value of friendship by caroline to max is wonderful here but too much objectable content
  • 3 BROKE GIRLS 6 stars out of 5 stars

    I just LOVE 2 broke GIRLS, I pretend that I'am one of the GIRL' s my name is I'am TRANS FEMALE-LESBIAN
  • Flat jokes and vulgar humor, but great charme!

    Flat Jokes and Vulgar Humor - but what if i like vulgar humor? We aren't all saints, me - not.

    1st and 2nd seasons are top, after - low, but still cool.

    Watching this show in syndication, but lot's of linguistic jokes only shine in english.

    Looking forward to 6th season!
  • This show is still on?!?

    Why is this show still on and why is it in syndication? I like watching reruns of the Big Bang but this show has replaced it on several channels. I put it on while waiting for a show after it. NGOs! It is awful. The writing. The acting. This show is not funny!
  • Lighten up

    In my opinion don't like it don't watch it and if u don't have anything nice to say don't say it cause ur so judgmental and full of complaints you could ruin it for the people that enjoy the show and would like to see if they ever make it yes it should have progressed more by now seems like they will forever be waitress's but it kind of reminds me of a modern I love Lucy and Max is my favorite not the best show ever but enjoyable
  • season 1 episode 15 on

    It's just a shame that even though we live in a civilized and educated country we still commit such 'lame' cultural mistakes! How is it possible to confuse Polish accent with the Russian one? That's just the first thing. There is plenty of such perplexing stuff in this very one episode... Not to say about comments on Polish social and economic conditions - in Poland (if you have ever visited this European country) nobody under 16 years of age is allowed to work. Thinking about Poland in this way makes us just uneducated and ignorat jerks. Wake up people!
  • Garbage

    How does this stay on the air? It's nothing but a bunch of lame one-liners, followed by goofy grins from the actors while canned laughter plays.
  • Cant stand how they push Han around

    They push him around and take advantage of him. They go to work and dont do sht! Han should fire them. They wont even pay a lil rent for the room at the dinner. They are just 2 ungratefull bitches.
  • Absolutely LOVE! 10 STARS

    Big fan of this show! Started watching one day out of the blue and I think it was an episode from Season 3, These two chicks were hilarious! I love how real max is and how corny(still love her) Caroline is. Earl is the man loll the whole cast is pretty cool and funny in their own way. I loved the show so much I started watching from season 1 on demand and looking forward to season 6. I don't know why people gave it bad reviews I guess u need to have a better sense of humor! Keep it up girls

  • And then came Sophie

    Max and Caroline I can handle. The one liners, the bad acting, can look passed it all. But those 2 words that I fear always ruin the show. Those 2 words?


    Cant stand that terrible accent/acting. She drives me absolutely insane. Please, please, please kill the bitch off.
  • How is this show still on the air??

    I enjoy watching Kat Denning and her magnificent breasts, but 5 minutes into the show I quickly realized that those big ol' bitties of hers was the only thing appealing about this show. The acting and writing on this show is just so God awful its sometimes hard to turn the channel because I'm constantly asking myself how a major network could produce such an amateurish show. I have seen better acting and more believable and interesting dialogue in pornos.
  • Worst tv show I have ever seen on tv

    The story line sounded ok, tried to watch it, but the acting was so bad and the one liners so stupid and disgusting that I quickly had to ban it from my kids. Actually they did not like it either. Why is it still running I have seen 1 or 2 positive reviews. It needs to be removed, as its an insult to one's intelligence.
  • It was ruined

    I quite liked this show at first then they brought the Sophie character in and that totally killed it for me. It could have been so much more, a story of the 2 girls friendship, but Sophie is just so unbelievable as character and acted way OTT it became unwatchable for me.
  • Love it!

    I thought this show was stupid until I actually watched it. Now I've seen every episode 50 times and laugh everytime!
  • ghetto 2broke girls

    Can someone teach Max to chew with her mouth
  • The worst show in the history of television

    The fact that CBS has kept this disaster on the air is evidence that their target market is the lowest common denominator of humanity.
  • And the Tiny Big Fan

    I love 2 Broke Girls! Their shenanigans are just so fun to watch! They're the only sitcom I know that have such a diverse cast of actors and characters that it just makes it feel so inclusive. Sure there are shows like The Big Bang Theory but their laugh-track is getting ridiculous (like literally, every single conversation ends with a laugh even when it's not that funny). I really hope 2BG will continue for at least awhile longer. I'm gonna miss the characters, and run out of short-jokes.
  • Omg!!

    Please make this show go away!!!
  • To say it is not good is an understatement...

    I like Kat Dennings and I like Whitney Cummings but this show went from being mildly amusing and fun to being downright painful to watch. The acting is wooden, the laughs are canned and funny is hard to find in a half hour of this drivel. Please put this horse out of it's misery.
  • It is Good Show

    It is a great Show, whoever doesn't understand it is because is not from New York. I had a coworker just like Max. New York girls are rough and tough and that is how New Yorker like women.

    Caroline is also beautiful. I like the way she smile and talk.

    The truth is that that jokes are important but not as important as the two girls themselves. Who cares about the jokes, I like to see Max being tough and Carline is cute, sexy and has beautiful smile. Must man look at these type of show because they all dream about these girls. It is the only way one can have them, watching and dreaming about them. Keep the show, don't cancel it.
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