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  • Very funny!

    Great show! Between Max with her jokes and Caroline trying to enjoy being poor (if that's even possible), this is one of the best comedies of the last few years.
  • season 4

    will there be a season 4 ?? i miss them
  • Why??

    For crying out loud, why??
  • This show is becoming SERIOUSLY boring

    This show was funny when it was mainly in the diner with Han, Oleg & Earl. Now you don't even see Han, Oleg & Earl. Caroline is hot, Max is not. Max turns any comment into a stupid joke (Boring). Her use of "sarcasm" (if that's what she's trying to use) is not good at all. The funniest people on this show is Han & Oleg. Bring back the diner, Han, Oleg & Earl, or I am sure the ratings will slip dramatically (Oh wait, THAT'S ALREADY HAPPENING!!!!!)
  • Maybe it's because I'm from the UK but....

    I simply can't watch this show for more than 5 minutes without wanting to hammer nails through my ear drums. Honestly, does no one else think that these 2 girls have the most annoying voices on TV? Even ignoring this, it's probably the most average TV show I've ever seen. It's almost worse than it being poor, it's just really really really average.
  • Hands down best show ever !!!!

    this show is so funny ,witty,sarcastic show is so real i cant stop laughing i hope they make many seasons to come !!!!
  • Please stop... please.... PLEASE!!!!

    For the love of all that is enjoyable on tv, TURN OFF THE LAUGH TRACK!!! I find that I am unable to enjoy the show and laugh at what I think is funny because almost every sentence is followed by a burst from the laugh track.

    I plan on watching till the end of this season, but if that laugh track remains I can't see myself watching next season. It's the laugh track or this viewer.
  • Laugh Track Killing the Show

    The laugh track is killing the show. The best comedies do not need to tell the audience when to laugh - for the love of the show, please turn off the laugh track.
  • they lost

    I watched every episode since the begining...

    Now, I'd have to say that: the show is getting so so lame... ...

    It really had a great first season, but they kinda

    of lost in the middle of the 2nd season, seems to me that they looks like tried to bring this

    gay guy into the new season, but didn't really work out the way it's planed or if there

    was a plan... Now, in the end of the 3rd season, the show completely change the whole direction from 2 BROKEN GILRS try to build up a cup cake carrier to "Cinderella" story.

    .. eh........ after 3rd season this show is gonna face a very danger area......

    I really hope the whole team can find themselves again, otherwise they would really lost a huge amount of audience.
  • Great 'Girl' Jokes But.....

    This Show is a great chill out kinda show, good to put on for drinking games.

    me and the guys love it, lots of innuendos and sexy legs.

    But one thing that is really low brow is the constant ragging on the small Asian guy. it's not clever to attack a small man. he can't fix that. he's not a small chested woman, he can't get surgery. every episode they keep going for the same laughs at the Asian expense. this isnt just a character, it an actual person, and even if he (the Actor) is ok with it. it's indirectly affecting other men.

    The fact that 3 white blokes picked up on this makes it really obvious.

    One of the guys pointed out that, in real life one of us would have punched either girl in the mouth by now.

    B***s should rag on a nice guy.

    It's poor form.... First time in a very long time that I've been disappointed with a show i generally enjoy. (I'm easily pleased and
  • The new chracters <3

    I love the new male characters Deke, Jonh and Nicolas, they spice things up even addition to the show!!!
  • Getting worse

    Story about two girls beiing funny because the one is much more stupid, rude and self-destructive than the other, while talking a lot about genitals.
  • 2 broke girls

    this great story of max black a tough hard working new Yorker

    where she has to work hard as an waitress at an downtown Brooklyn

    restaurant until she takes former rich heiress caroline channing under her

    wing by teaching her to get things the hardway by earning it working as

    an waitress and except the fact the harsh reality in life things do not start of well

    at first but it gets better as max teaches caroline a thing or two and vice versa

    due to carolines business smart background that can teach max how to profit

    her cupcake venture that makes the two a great driving force and really need

    each other and both kat dennngs and beth behrs executed it brilliantly including

    beth flaunts it in the season 3 episode and the kickstarter where caroline uses

    a crowdfunding site to get a pair of new pants by doing a raunchy dance that annoys

    max but a great episode.

    Frankie (cool rider) smales

    Frankie smales tv and movie revew uk

  • 'Two Untalented Girls'

    I don't believe I've ever seen such a pathetic comedy that seems to feed on those who have the . of an egg shell. I mean really... is this what situation comedy's have come to! I've seen better acting while watching my grandchildren perform on parents day!

    Kat Dennings could not act her way out of the proverbial paper bag if her life depended on it and seems to have the personality of a dead earth worm. The laugh track is beyond horrendous as it crashes in after every line just to, supposedly, lead those who can't think for themselves into believing that what was said it's actually funny.

    What has happened to when comedy's had good writing, and the care to believe that those who might possibly watch will have some semblance of intellect and taste. Some good examples; Cheers, Frasier, Barney Miller, Seinfeld, etc. Television has indeed become a vast wasteland of moronic crap which feeds upon those who are willing to accept any drivel that they wish to cast upon them.

    Bottom line... just two dumb females who cannot act (with the accompanying cast) with one of the most intrusive laugh tracks I've ever seen. But hey... the audience now days seems to have this need to be told when something is funny. Sorry, but I KNOW when something is funny, and I have no need to have these mindless idiots trying to coerce me into thinking otherwise. It just isn't working for me, and never will.

  • Why is this show still on TV?

    Why is this show still on TV? The jokes are forced and terrible. The story is crap.
  • used to be good

    The first season, all those racist jokes and sex jokes were funny ... and the show was really good.. but now, especially after the new season! the jokes are starting to get LAME! and its not as entertaining as it used to be ... so my rating from half of season 2 up to now will be 1 !
  • Season 3 of Two Broke Girls! Bring it!

    I'm looking forward to seeing Season 3 of Two Broke Girls. I don't care what anyone says about Two Broke Girls. I love Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, because they're both funny and sexy, and I don't mind the dirty jokes they tell on the show. Although, I would like them to keep some of their jokes clean. It would help improve their ratings. Keep up the good work, Kat and Beth, and maybe we'll see a season 4, and a long over-due guest host appearance for both Kat and Beth on Saturday Night Live.
  • Can't wait for season 3! <3 :D

    This is my favorite tv-show ever! It's funny, amazing everything and it shows how 2 girls survive in NYC with almost no money :D Great tv-show guys, it's amazing! Love it too much can't wait for season 3!
  • uk girl need season three soon

    I love 2 broke girls cant wait for season 3 as im in the uk im gonna have to wait ages
  • So so...

    many of the jokes are kind of Vegas show type bad sex jokes-which kind of surprised me. Other than that its OK. I have heard better jokes are not really for telling dumb jokes in anyway-hence the term "sitcom'-because the situations are supposed to be funny.....
  • I love 2 Broke Girls!!

    If you dont like it dont watch it, dumbass! I think its great. They are hilarious.... Shut your fucking stupid blonde might seem dumb in the show but she is becoming more famous as you are running your stupid mouth!
  • Worst acting EVER!!!!

    Thought they would get better with time but CLEARLY NOT GONNA HAPPEN... PLUS the content is WAY over the top with the sexual crap... Get new material
  • Differing Tastes in Comedy

    (read title)
  • 2-18 and not so sweet

    as of this episode, i am becoming annoyed with the blonds, whats her names, voice. its so monotone and squeeky it is coming to the point of me turning off the tv whenever she talks for more than 20 secs. but kat and the rest of the crew is great, especially Jennifer Coolidge, as always.
  • Bad actor for puppets

    bad episode. Andy Dick is a poor actor. You must be scrapping the bottom of the barrel to get a dumb episode. I know you are losing rating. Andy must be a relative who needs a job.
  • Two bad actors!

    Horrible acting!!!! Where did these two come from? Can't stand to listen to them and their dull acting skills........ Get rid of them and the show may have a chance.
  • Worst comedy series I've ever seen

    I wanted to like this show. I started recording it from episode 1. I watched the first two or three, hoping it would get better. Now, I have 33 of them recorded (I have a large storage pool in my Windows Media Center system... I don't use a cable-company DVR). I haven't watched it since the first few episodes, and I just tried to watch some of the newer ones, hoping it had improved.

    I cannot believe this show is still on the air, when several shows that were MUCH better got canceled since last season.

    In the most recent episode, I got two or three chuckles, and one actual laugh. There isn't much to laugh at in this show. I like sexual/racial/stupid/slapstick/bathroom humor... but the actresses in this show just don't know how to deliver a funny line. The blonde is annoying, and the brunette is neither a "straight man" nor a comic. The only funny person on the show is the black guy who works in the diner. If he had his own show, I might watch it. He actually knows how to deliver a line.

    Unfortunately, the writing in this show isn't any better than the "acting". I cannot imagine how this show made it for a 2nd season... except for the fact that the contender is "Guys With Kids", which is another non-funny comedy, that is all too predictable.

    Awful. That's the only word I can use to describe "2 Broke Girls".

  • A Humorous Reflection Of Real Life

    Caroline and Max are two struggling waitresses who want to start their own cupcake business and get out of the financial albatross that is poverty. This is the modern take on the "Gilligan's Island" premise of the castaways getting back to civilization; however, these two women are reflective of so many people wanting to become self-made entrepreneurs and leave the rat race that is known as the labor market.

    This is a brilliant and, yet somehow, still underappreciated series that should be paired with "The Big Bang Theory" or, at least, aired on CBS the same night, as both shows have the production blessings of Warner Brothers. I have already rented the first season's episodes on DVD at the local library and will now sorely miss this series when it finally decides to quit.
  • Love 2 Broke Girls!!!

    I did not watch in the beginning. I am so sorry!!! This is hilarious! I PVR the episodes and watch them with my daughter-in-law. We love watching this show and hope it continues. They have a fantastic cast and the new boyfriend is adorable.

    I hope this show goes on for a long time - the worlds needs more laughter and this show provides it. Jennifer Coolidge has a fantastic character - she makes me laugh as soon as she comes onto the scene. I love them all!!

    I have decided I cannot to wait until they go into reruns and just bought the first season!!! :)
  • WRONG ACCENTS!!! How pathetic...

    The poor girls is suppose to be living in NYC but she speaks 'americana' English with a Southern California ACCENT. She should have a Bronx or Brooklin or Queens accent - a bit more Cyndi Lauper than 90210!

    The POSH girl, has same accent, and has a PWT accent - ANYONE with Money or Breeding would instantly 'know' she is a fake/fraud/ and a wannabe.. of next to NIL.

    Story lines OK-ish, but accents are NOT ALL southern California! The USA has a diversity of Accents

    It is the same as UK, everyone outside has impression there is ONE British Accent when there are over 2 dozen major and hundreds of minor accents - something most yanks would not understand.

    This program was made with accents that are far far too GENERIC and BLAND.

    if you want a street girl in NYC - there are plenty in the Bronx or Harlem etc!
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