2 Broke Girls

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  • To say it is not good is an understatement...

    I like Kat Dennings and I like Whitney Cummings but this show went from being mildly amusing and fun to being downright painful to watch. The acting is wooden, the laughs are canned and funny is hard to find in a half hour of this drivel. Please put this horse out of it's misery.
  • It is Good Show

    It is a great Show, whoever doesn't understand it is because is not from New York. I had a coworker just like Max. New York girls are rough and tough and that is how New Yorker like women.

    Caroline is also beautiful. I like the way she smile and talk.

    The truth is that that jokes are important but not as important as the two girls themselves. Who cares about the jokes, I like to see Max being tough and Carline is cute, sexy and has beautiful smile. Must man look at these type of show because they all dream about these girls. It is the only way one can have them, watching and dreaming about them. Keep the show, don't cancel it.
  • Why is this on TV?

    Why is this show on TV? How did it make it past the pilot, let alone stay on long enough to be syndicated? Now this crap is all over the airwaves. I have never seen worse acting, and it isn't even close. That includes elementary school plays where the kids picked their noses instead of saying their lines. The f'ing god! Juvenile, not funny, delivered as though reading cue cards in a monotone voice. And the two main chicks might be the luckiest SOBs on the face of the planet! How 2 women with zero talent were able to swing a multi-year sitcom when paired with those looks baffles me. The blonde looks like a horse on crack, and the brunette looks like an obese fortune teller. I would rather watch 50 year old episodes of Lawrence Welk than watch this turd.
  • Honest review.

    The background actors are fantastic! The two main actresses, are absolutely awful at their job: acting. One more season, that's all it'll get. Again, awful!
  • Why is this on?

    This show is proof that Dumbing down America is alive and well. This show has incredibly unintelligent writing, poorly executed acting and characters that have no interesting value at all. I don't know who likes such lame humor, but anyone who is a fan of this show, can't be all that smart. Stupid girls that require boob and sex jokes to try to hold an audience is just cheep business. Great role models for young girls really.
  • Run its course

    What's this show without 3 things: boob jokes, blonde jokes and short guy Asian jokes. Every episode since the beginning has done all 3 type of jokes TO DEATH to the point of downright sadness. To CBS enough already. We get you can get away with racist and sexist jokes in a PG-13 format because you're a huge network that can find snotty Harvard educated writers to write crap.
  • 5.5-7 stars

    I LOVE the show but only because of the character Max. Caroline is such a baby who thinks everything is about her. It's like no one cares that you can't handle that you are actually poor. God I was watching the one where Caroline almost breaks up Nicholas's marriage, and I wish she fell over that ledge that way the show would be bearable to watch. And I also think she's a BIG BABY because she still calls her father "DADDY" and she f-ing 30, I don't call my father daddy and I'm 15
  • I like watching it when I do my homework with the sound off.

    Why does the blonde girl wear the same pants every episode? The wardrobe dept must be broke too.
  • Show is horrible

    The blonde is snobby and can't walk in her stiletto shoes. She shouldn't have worn them to clean Olegs apartment duh. Kat looks like she's reading her lines off cue card. I'm done with the show. I'll say it was good at first. Be realistic their cupcake shop started to big then it failed. The blonde is annoying her voice. I just wanted to voice my opinion before I change the channel
  • Annoying

    It was good at first but, Max has gotten so annoying! Caroline is annoying too, but Max more. Its unrealistic.
  • ok its funny but filthy

    well as i mentioned in my bio i am not hard to please but also appriceate good clean humor and i could tell from the pilot thats NOT WHAT U GET HERE its an ok show with a good heart and great intentions but i just cant take the garbage humor its just not funny its a shame too cause this show could teach good values on friendship 'caroline not giving up on max ' this needs a parental advisory or something cause its pure dirt not for anyone around my house but it does have funny stuff just too roudy
  • Hate to be mean I really do but o m g

    Ok let me start By saying at first I liked these two they were fun funny and spunky but then it completly turned around and got filthy this show is nothing but sex jokes and boobs Ssome timescale funny but that dosent rescue it from the absolute filth needs to be on later and possibly a parental advisory it is cute just way too dirty for my taste
  • Horrible acting

    The show was just sydincated so I gave it a shot and watched a couple episodes. The acting is just brutal Beth behrs is really bad and was brought on the show to be a pretty face. The jokes are terrible and you know when they are coming. The concept isn't bad but poor acting writing, and a bad plot ruin it.
  • How is the show still on the air?

    How is the show still on the air? I really don't think I've seen such a bad show in quite some years. The acting is incredibly fake, feels forced, and there seems to be nothing natural among the characters relationships. The jokes seem flat and juvenile. And I've never seen such poorly executed accents, including Polish and whatever the hell Oleg professes to speak, neither of those two characters need accent though.
  • You Go, latryce07 Girl!

    The preceding commenter's unintentionally hilarious review says it all: Waist of air time. Every other part of their body isn't funny, either.

    Waist of air time I could be watching THE BIG BANG THEORY!!!!
  • Lucybelle13

    You seriously need to go back to school and learn basic English. Your comment makes no fucking sense. Learn proper grammar and how to form a sentence, not gibberish.

    Was y'all smoking crack rock when you picked out 2 broke girls a horse stealing a spoon drink liquor when I watch the and Molly are awesome.. the big bang theory is out of this want to throw up with 2broke girls.
  • My fav shows returns!

    Does anyone know when the girls and Mike and Molly will be back on TV in 2015 to 16 season?
  • Whow! this show went bad quickly

    I used to like this show, but now it is just annoying! I do not like the hive, or their new boss. The girls are just getting annoying and the laugh track is really getting annoying. I am done with the show! And what about that Scottish boy, who casted that kid? He was terrible! Man, if the writers cannot think of anything good to write, just cancel this show. And stop making Caroline dumber every episode, or else buy the end of season 5, like that will happen, she probably be a ***. Get some good new writers or cancel this show.
  • Not interested in watching this show at all!

    Why not cancel this show and go back to Lucy reruns. It is terrible. I would rather watch reruns of good show that this crap!
  • Worst show EVER!!

    Please put these girls out of their misery. Usually acting gets better with time, these girls seem to get worse. How is it still on the air? I hate when my husband turns the channel too soon when Mike and Molly comes on and I have to endure a few seconds of this show. Please end the suffering!
  • Why watch?

    I use to like watching this show. Lately I really don't like it at all. I don't like the new additions to the show. I can't stand the sexual comments at the new work place. The show is very unlikable.
  • What happened?

    Max and Caroline our "protagonists" quickly went from being funny and likeable with witty, snarky lines, to cruel, bitter and mean-spirited, completely arrogant women with an intense dislike of anyone who has a better lot in life for no good reason and toxic to their "friends" and loved ones.

    It went from being a show about two girls trying to make it in the world to two bitches taking out their grievances on everyone around them. The show increasingly falling back on crude humour and racial stereotypes (yes OMG Han is short AND Asian, Earle is BLACK! Sophie and Oleg are from Eastern Europe!!! Aren't they wierd!)

    Also, the only thing less believable than two waitresses being able to afford an apartment in Williamsburg have a relatively comfortable life (I don't see them eating out of tins every other week) and maintain a horse is that in the United States a billionaire ended up in jail

    come on people...
  • So un-funny..

    My wife used to watch 2 broke girl and I just could not understand why. The voices of the lead actors are annoying, the jokes are old and can be seen coming a mile away, the laugh track/audience is unbelievably bad... however, even my wife will not longer watch it.. it is that stupid.
  • It got old fast

    I really enjoyed this series while they were trying to make it by following their passion of having a successful cupcake business but it is now just plain old boring. Max's character has gone from one that was actually funny but one that had a heart to a character with every line being a sarcastic, not-funny "joke". I don't think I know of anyone who opens her eyes so wide that they might pop out, after each line.

    I'm really disappointed since originally I thought it was a good sitcom.
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  • Should Be Renamed, "Two Stinky Girls"

    I quit watching when Kim Kartrashian appeared. The vulgar one liners are sooo old. Same crap, different day.
  • Got Old Fast

    The show started off with a good appeal but I stopped watching it after season 2 with the inappropriate jokes getting worse. Max's bad attitude slowly started to change Caroline. She doesn't seem as the ambitious rich girl she used to be. They can't be poor forever and both characters have a lot of growing up to do. Their attitudes toward life make them poor. If they want to change their circumstances, they have to humble themselves and change their attitude.

    BIG mistake having idiot Kardashians on made me not want to watch to all the people bagging the one is forcing you to watch it..
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