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    Was y'all smoking crack rock when you picked out 2 broke girls a horse stealing a spoon drink liquor when I watch the and Molly are awesome.. the big bang theory is out of this want to throw up with 2broke girls.
  • My fav shows returns!

    Does anyone know when the girls and Mike and Molly will be back on TV in 2015 to 16 season?
  • Whow! this show went bad quickly

    I used to like this show, but now it is just annoying! I do not like the hive, or their new boss. The girls are just getting annoying and the laugh track is really getting annoying. I am done with the show! And what about that Scottish boy, who casted that kid? He was terrible! Man, if the writers cannot think of anything good to write, just cancel this show. And stop making Caroline dumber every episode, or else buy the end of season 5, like that will happen, she probably be a ***. Get some good new writers or cancel this show.
  • Not interested in watching this show at all!

    Why not cancel this show and go back to Lucy reruns. It is terrible. I would rather watch reruns of good show that this crap!
  • Worst show EVER!!

    Please put these girls out of their misery. Usually acting gets better with time, these girls seem to get worse. How is it still on the air? I hate when my husband turns the channel too soon when Mike and Molly comes on and I have to endure a few seconds of this show. Please end the suffering!
  • Why watch?

    I use to like watching this show. Lately I really don't like it at all. I don't like the new additions to the show. I can't stand the sexual comments at the new work place. The show is very unlikable.
  • What happened?

    Max and Caroline our "protagonists" quickly went from being funny and likeable with witty, snarky lines, to cruel, bitter and mean-spirited, completely arrogant women with an intense dislike of anyone who has a better lot in life for no good reason and toxic to their "friends" and loved ones.

    It went from being a show about two girls trying to make it in the world to two bitches taking out their grievances on everyone around them. The show increasingly falling back on crude humour and racial stereotypes (yes OMG Han is short AND Asian, Earle is BLACK! Sophie and Oleg are from Eastern Europe!!! Aren't they wierd!)

    Also, the only thing less believable than two waitresses being able to afford an apartment in Williamsburg have a relatively comfortable life (I don't see them eating out of tins every other week) and maintain a horse is that in the United States a billionaire ended up in jail

    come on people...
  • So un-funny..

    My wife used to watch 2 broke girl and I just could not understand why. The voices of the lead actors are annoying, the jokes are old and can be seen coming a mile away, the laugh track/audience is unbelievably bad... however, even my wife will not longer watch it.. it is that stupid.
  • It got old fast

    I really enjoyed this series while they were trying to make it by following their passion of having a successful cupcake business but it is now just plain old boring. Max's character has gone from one that was actually funny but one that had a heart to a character with every line being a sarcastic, not-funny "joke". I don't think I know of anyone who opens her eyes so wide that they might pop out, after each line.

    I'm really disappointed since originally I thought it was a good sitcom.
  • 2 brooke girls fans

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  • Should Be Renamed, "Two Stinky Girls"

    I quit watching when Kim Kartrashian appeared. The vulgar one liners are sooo old. Same crap, different day.
  • Got Old Fast

    The show started off with a good appeal but I stopped watching it after season 2 with the inappropriate jokes getting worse. Max's bad attitude slowly started to change Caroline. She doesn't seem as the ambitious rich girl she used to be. They can't be poor forever and both characters have a lot of growing up to do. Their attitudes toward life make them poor. If they want to change their circumstances, they have to humble themselves and change their attitude.

    BIG mistake having idiot Kardashians on made me not want to watch to all the people bagging the one is forcing you to watch it..

    Mistake having Kim Kardashian on the Premiere episode You want to keep your viewers not scare them away.
  • keep 2 broke girls

    I think 2 broke girls is one of the best shows. For me its on my favorites list along with ncis the walking dead. Please keep it.
  • Broken Jokes

    Terrible one liners from 2 crummy actresses. How this show made it through the first season is a mystery to me. I tried to watch it that first year and each episode was worse than the one before it. What a waste of time those 2 hours were.
  • Very funny!

    Great show! Between Max with her jokes and Caroline trying to enjoy being poor (if that's even possible), this is one of the best comedies of the last few years.
  • season 4

    will there be a season 4 ?? i miss them
  • Why??

    For crying out loud, why??
  • This show is becoming SERIOUSLY boring

    This show was funny when it was mainly in the diner with Han, Oleg & Earl. Now you don't even see Han, Oleg & Earl. Caroline is hot, Max is not. Max turns any comment into a stupid joke (Boring). Her use of "sarcasm" (if that's what she's trying to use) is not good at all. The funniest people on this show is Han & Oleg. Bring back the diner, Han, Oleg & Earl, or I am sure the ratings will slip dramatically (Oh wait, THAT'S ALREADY HAPPENING!!!!!)
  • 2 Broke Girls And A Pee Funnel

    The St. Patty's Day Kilt Trip episode with the pee funnel was hilarious! I loved that Caroline was actually about to use it. It's about time female urine funnels got some TV recognition! I went online and bought some after the show smartway female urine funnel is so cool!
  • Maybe it's because I'm from the UK but....

    I simply can't watch this show for more than 5 minutes without wanting to hammer nails through my ear drums. Honestly, does no one else think that these 2 girls have the most annoying voices on TV? Even ignoring this, it's probably the most average TV show I've ever seen. It's almost worse than it being poor, it's just really really really average.
  • Hands down best show ever !!!!

    this show is so funny ,witty,sarcastic show is so real i cant stop laughing i hope they make many seasons to come !!!!
  • Please stop... please.... PLEASE!!!!

    For the love of all that is enjoyable on tv, TURN OFF THE LAUGH TRACK!!! I find that I am unable to enjoy the show and laugh at what I think is funny because almost every sentence is followed by a burst from the laugh track.

    I plan on watching till the end of this season, but if that laugh track remains I can't see myself watching next season. It's the laugh track or this viewer.
  • Laugh Track Killing the Show

    The laugh track is killing the show. The best comedies do not need to tell the audience when to laugh - for the love of the show, please turn off the laugh track.
  • they lost

    I watched every episode since the begining...

    Now, I'd have to say that: the show is getting so so lame... ...

    It really had a great first season, but they kinda

    of lost in the middle of the 2nd season, seems to me that they looks like tried to bring this

    gay guy into the new season, but didn't really work out the way it's planed or if there

    was a plan... Now, in the end of the 3rd season, the show completely change the whole direction from 2 BROKEN GILRS try to build up a cup cake carrier to "Cinderella" story.

    .. eh........ after 3rd season this show is gonna face a very danger area......

    I really hope the whole team can find themselves again, otherwise they would really lost a huge amount of audience.
  • Great 'Girl' Jokes But.....

    This Show is a great chill out kinda show, good to put on for drinking games.

    me and the guys love it, lots of innuendos and sexy legs.

    But one thing that is really low brow is the constant ragging on the small Asian guy. it's not clever to attack a small man. he can't fix that. he's not a small chested woman, he can't get surgery. every episode they keep going for the same laughs at the Asian expense. this isnt just a character, it an actual person, and even if he (the Actor) is ok with it. it's indirectly affecting other men.

    The fact that 3 white blokes picked up on this makes it really obvious.

    One of the guys pointed out that, in real life one of us would have punched either girl in the mouth by now.

    B***s should rag on a nice guy.

    It's poor form.... First time in a very long time that I've been disappointed with a show i generally enjoy. (I'm easily pleased and
  • The new chracters <3

    I love the new male characters Deke, Jonh and Nicolas, they spice things up even addition to the show!!!
  • Getting worse

    Story about two girls beiing funny because the one is much more stupid, rude and self-destructive than the other, while talking a lot about genitals.
  • 2 broke girls

    this great story of max black a tough hard working new Yorker

    where she has to work hard as an waitress at an downtown Brooklyn

    restaurant until she takes former rich heiress caroline channing under her

    wing by teaching her to get things the hardway by earning it working as

    an waitress and except the fact the harsh reality in life things do not start of well

    at first but it gets better as max teaches caroline a thing or two and vice versa

    due to carolines business smart background that can teach max how to profit

    her cupcake venture that makes the two a great driving force and really need

    each other and both kat dennngs and beth behrs executed it brilliantly including

    beth flaunts it in the season 3 episode and the kickstarter where caroline uses

    a crowdfunding site to get a pair of new pants by doing a raunchy dance that annoys

    max but a great episode.

    Frankie (cool rider) smales

    Frankie smales tv and movie revew uk

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