2 Broke Girls

CBS (ended 2017)





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  • moments of humor ruined by filth and smartassness

    ok i have watched this show' and ocasionally still do some times cause yea it does make me laugh and even smile some times so i dont totally hate them or the show 'but it seems like all that can be done is uncalled for crude and sexual jokes and max being a smartass to the little asian fellow 'dont know his name as i sayed dont watch much ' and i find myself rolling my eyes or being shocked more than i do laughing every time i wacth ' and why i am really pissed is they cancel smart comedies like mike and molly yet this lives on so while its not the worst cbs and you can do wayyy better than this ya want a smart laugh trick sitcom watch mom or the big bang theory ps people are complianing about sofi well shes the only reason i watch as often as i do shes sweet and funny the value of friendship by caroline to max is wonderful here but too much objectable content