2 Stupid Dogs

Season 2 Episode 8

Day Dream

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Oct 29, 1994 on TBS

Episode Recap

The dogs were sleeping outside an Ice Cream Parlor when the delivery truck drops off their shipment. The dogs awake to find the pile of ice cream products. Big Dog is gonna jump in and start eating, but Little Dog intervines believing something is up. He states that having all this ice cream is a dream come true, therefore they must still be dreaming. They then pinch each other to wake each other up, but they still don't wake up. Little Dog then recalls a dream where he was falling and woke up before he hit the ground. So the two then board a plane and jump out it. Big Dog takes a parachute, but Little Dog wants to wake up faster. The two jump and land on a farm. Little Dog suspects something went wrong, so he jumps out of a plane again. And again, and again. He then concludes that the falling dream isn't working. Little Dog then suggests that they get a cat to sing, as that always wakes him up. But when he approches the cat, he's reminded of his fear of them and faints. Big Dog then scares the cat and revives the Little Dog who isn't happy that he woke him up. The two decide to go somewhere to think about this and end up on the side of a busy highway. Big Dog suggests that earthquakes are big and Little Dog says they could never sleep through something as big as an earthquake. The two then head for California, but they actually head out East, once they hit the coast, they jump in the ocean and follow the coast line. Little Dog goes around the Cape of South America, Big Dog takes a shortcut through the Panama Canal. Once they arrive in California the two stop on the San Andreas Fault line. There, they pass out from exhaustion. At that moment there's a huge earthquake that sinks all of California, but the dogs (dispite their earlier observation) slept through the whole thing.