2 Stupid Dogs

Season 2 Episode 14

Family Values

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Dec 17, 1994 on TBS

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  • "I learned that Jesse James is not a good role model."

    Well, this episode is definitely a treat for anyone familiar with The Brady Bunch, especially fans of the series. It is full of references, including mom's favorite vase getting broken, and a full-blown musical number called "Lawn Mowing Day." Here's a sample of the lyrics:

    It's a groovy day on the earth.
    Oh yeah. I know.
    Why are we mowing the astro-turf?

    When the family first meets the dogs, the kids manage to convince dad that they should keep them, but after messing up their bar-b-q, Dad decides the dogs are too stupid to keep.

    At the end, the parents ask the kids what they've learned. Every response given is a direct reference to a different Brady Bunch episode ("I learned not to get hit in the face with a football," etc...).

    All in all, great fun and a definite standout in the series!