2 Stupid Dogs

Season 2 Episode 14

Family Values

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Dec 17, 1994 on TBS



  • Quotes

    • (The older brother and the older sister from a Brady Bunch-like family are having a discussion)
      Older Girl: The fork goes on the left, like this (puts the fork on the left side of the plate).
      Older Boy: Uh-uh, the right (puts the fork on the right side).
      Older Girl: Left!
      Older Boy: Right!
      Older Girl: Left!!
      Older Boy: Right!!
      Older Girl: Left!!! Ouch!!! (with the fork in her head) Mom!! Greg (the older boy) isn't setting the table right!!
      Mom: Now Greg!
      Older Boy I'm sorry mom.
      Mom: That's better, now what did you learn?
      Older Boy: I learn that I'm really sorry, and that I love Martha (the older girl) more than anyone else in the whole world.
      Mom: Good! Now you kids kiss and make up (the brother and sister start to make out).