2 Stupid Dogs

Season 2 Episode 4

Far-Out Friday

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Oct 01, 1994 on TBS

Episode Recap

A Quick Note: For the sake of my own sanity, when I write this, I'm gonna stick to who is actually who and not base it on the description of each dog.

After Big Dog scares a cat, Little Dog does a celebration dance. Little Dog then confesses he wishes he could scare cats & eat like Big Dog can, and Big dog confesses he wishes he could dance & talk fast like Little Dog can. Then, for some unexplained reason, the two suddenly switch bodies. Little Dog asks if something just happened and Big Dog says no. Just then, the cat is back and Little Dog hides behind (the best he now can) Big Dog. Big Dog once again scares the cat and Little Dog dances, clumsy in his new body. Plus, Big Dog gets trampled on when Little Dog jumps on top or around him. Big Dog then asks where food is, so Little Dog leads him to the Winky Mart. Little Dog has troubles with the turnstile, while Big Dog can now walk right though it. After a brief struggle, Little Dog rolls into a neatly stacked tower of cream corn cans. Little Dog then jumps into a shopping cart and asks Big Dog to push him. Big Dog now lacks his normal size and struggles to push the cart. Cubby just finishes restacking the cans when the dogs pass by, causing the cans to collapse again. Little Dog demands to be pushed faster, so Big Dog musters all he can and really gets the cart going. But Big Dog is soon distracted by shelves of turkeys and stops pushing the cart suddenly. Little Dog finds himself careening all about the grocery store. Big Dog tries to stuff a whole turkey in his mouth, but his new mouth is much smaller. He tries everything, using a wall, a broom and falling head first off a shelf. The last proves to be successful, but then turns Big Dog's body into the shape of the turkey. Little Dog's ride comes to an abrupt stop when one of the cart's wheels comes in contact with a peanut. He sails through the air and lands atop of Big Dog, forcing the turkey free from his body and through the air. The turkey is headed once again for Cubby's neatly stacked cans of corn. He jumps in front of the turkey at the last minute and it lands on his head. He then blindly knocks over the cans himself. Big Dog pleads for Little Dog to get off him. The two then wonder why they feel so different. Upon realizing what's happened the two scream and panic. When they collide into each other, they once again switch back. The two dogs then decide to go home, but first they grab a can of cream corn from the bottom of Cubby's neatly stacked tower.

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