2 Stupid Dogs

Season 2 Episode 2

Post Office

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Sep 17, 1994 on TBS



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    • Hollywood: Be all you can be son. But please, be it somewhere else.

    • Little Dog: Hey, what's my name?
      Big Dog: Whiny pants?
      Little Dog: That's not my name!
      Big Dog: Booger?
      Little Dog: No!
      Big Dog: Stinky?
      Little Dog: No! No! No!
      Big Dog: I don't know..
      Little Dog: Hmm.. (Writes down on the paper his name as Ida Know).

    • Mail Man: Get off me you big lug! Jeez.. I can handle the rain, snow, sleep, dread of night and these stupid knee socks! Fine! But nobody said anything about a big stupid drooly dog!
      Big Dog: I don't drool.

    • Little Dog: Man, we've been waiting in this like since like.. forever. How long is this going to take? We don't have all day you know! Well, actually we do have all day. But I hate standing in lines! Lines, lines, lines! Grrrrr! I HATE WAITING in lines!

    • Little Dog: Yay! We got our hot dog stamps!
      Big Dog: We need french fries.
      Little Dog: Oh yeah. That means we need to go to France. But how do we get to France?
      Cubby: Air mail!

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