2 Stupid Dogs

Season 1 Episode 9

Return of Red

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Oct 16, 1993 on TBS

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  • Tralalalala

    Ha ha ha! Gotta love that red riding hood! I always loved the episodes with her, they are painful to watch.. in a very good way. And in a way that means that I'm laughing with my mouth and belly hurting all the time I'm watching.. Anyway. It's a great episode. I loved two stupid dogs, since like.. ever, but this episodes is one of the classics. It's just hillarious. The tralalalala line is popping in my head some great childhood memories and it's just great to watch it again after all this time. It's a big difference.. back then I didn't had a clue what they where saying but I watched anyway and caught the main idea.. And now.. I just realize how funny they were.