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  • A meh show to put it lightly

    I don't think is a bad show, but I admit other than a few things about it, it wasn't that good. The 2 stupid dogs were... ok. Most of the side characters were either forgettable or cliched. And top it off, the Secret Squirrel episodes were pretty underwhelming to put it lightly.

    Now, don't get me wrong. I did love some aspects about it. For example, Mr. H, or Hollywood to be more accurate was freakin hilarious. Seriously, how could you not love this guy? He was just so over the top with his, "BUT IT'S WRONG!" yells, and I loved pretty much every bit of em. What made him even more entertaining is his behavior never went too far. Usually, when he yelled at someone, it was justified.

    That and he never got away with anything either, which was a nice counter balancer for a guy who constantly told people they were wrong at the top of his lungs.

    I also liked the Secret Squirrel character Penny. Maybe I'm a sucker for a pretty and cute female, but I just really liked her. She seemed gentle, yet completely able to take care of herself. She was smart, yet never obnoxious about it.

    Honestly, I would have rather the show had Penny be Secret Squirrel' partner rather than Morocco. That guy was just annoying.

    So yea, to sum it up, this show is really a 5 out of 10, but because Mr. Hollywood and Penny left a nice impression on me, I thought it was due a little more.

  • Funny

    2 Stupid Dogs feels like a classic when you watch it. The show actually manages to be hilarious without even trying. If you really like those shows that are two decades old, I say this is one you can view. The only reason I did`nt give the show a 10 was because I felt detatched about it during some scenes.
  • Childhood Memories

    It has been too long now to recollect the stories from this show, but i can remember watching this show "2 Stupid Dogs" in the early 90s as a child. I can only but vaguely remember small bits of an episode where the two dogs visit a factory (presumably for food).
  • Stupid indeed in a fantastic way!

    Yeah, this show gave me laughs, even my mother, my friends. Follows about 2 dogs who are very stupid that they think about ridiculous things. Their stupidity is funny that it made me crack!

    Plot: 2 dogs, a big one, and a small one. Little Dog and Big Dog. They have alot of stupidities that causes them to think about ridiculous things, example, they knew they can enter the automatic door by using rolling cans. A lot of misadventures.

    Characters: It's how Hanna-Barbera does it, their characters are always quirky! Their voice fits em' well.

    Humor: It's humor is aimed at their stupidity, and the way they project it, is fantastic! It also had one episode that it featured an sexual innuendo.

    Art: Classical Hanna-Barbera style. Excellent.

    Overall: 9. It's nice how they depicted the funny mistakes of dogs.
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  • This may be a ripoff from ren and stimpy but doe's it matter? Nope, this is my childhood classic.

    As a kid I was maddly in love with this series, I even entered my nanan's dog in the 2 stupid challenge compotition on cartoon network in 1996 where you had to dress up your dog and make it look stupid and take a photo or a home video. I used to love to draw them and I think that this series should have gone on loger than just 2 series it were that good. This show may look like hannabarbera's cheap rip off from ren and stimpy but it is quite different. There was little dog who whenever he saw a cat he would say.."CAAATT!!! and then big dog would come over to help little dog by frighting the cat off by saying a simple word "woof" and then the cat would scream and disappear, little dog also loved balls, any kind of balls. There was big dog who didn't say much only when spoken to and loves food and could eat about almost anything that no one would eat. None of the 2 dogs had any names at all. There was one character who came in nearly every episode who with his catchphase would say "hahaha ain't that cute,BUT IT'S WRONG!!!" that was so funny, especially in that short where he was trying to teach a bird to sing properly and the bird lost his feathers and fell off the stand because of his loud voice. there was however one thing I didn't like about this show and that was because they had secret squirrel as one of the segments of the show and it should be all about big dog and little dog. Overall a classic to remember and should be brought back on telly.
  • This show was one of the only shows i hated on CN in 2001.

    This shows got no effort what so ever.It's plot sucks and this dragonball and daragonball z were the only 3 shows that i hated on CN in 2001 everything else was good.This show should of never made it to CN to begin with and i can't say anything more but you know this show sucks.
  • If you notice, 2 Stupid Dogs? More like 1 Great Show.

    I like this show. As far as I know, 2 Stupid Dogs is the best show I watched. The voices were cool, the acting was great, the characters were drawn not bad, and everything, OH MAN! I'll tell you, it looked incredible for 1993. Oh and 1994 & 1995. We going to be kept, but misrabaly (spelled wrong) cancelled to be replacing time with The What-A-Cartoon Show.

    But you get to choose what yoyur favorite characters are for this show, but I like the Little Dog & The Big Dog (Johnathan).

    So the show is cool. And like I said, 2 Stupid Dogs? More like 1 Great Show.
  • A truly spectacular show, one that I can keep going to.

    I truly miss this show, it was one of the greatest older cartoons and definitely something that I wish I could see more of. They should put it back on the air in place of some of the less than appealing shows out there. I would pay some good money to see this again, it always made me laugh when I was down.

    I definitely enjoyed the brown dog more, however the bigger one was great, and if you ever get the chance to see this show again, I recommend watching it and possibly recording it to see it over and over.
  • Classic catch phrases keep this show running!

    Two stupid dogs was so essential to classic cartoon network. This show was loaded with comedy, and quality comedy at that. You a brief time, this show was featured on boomerang a couple of years back, which was good to see, as boomerang was reviving some of the best cartoon network shows, but has been off the air since then. Before the boomerang revival, cartoon network featured this show in their daily line-up, and they couldn't be any smarter for doing so. This show followed the adventures of big dog and little dog in very creative and original storylines, with great voice overs for to play their parts. The name might be stupid, but the show certainly wasn't.
  • Great show

    Two Stupid Dogs follows the lives of two dogs, the overly excited Little Dog(the dachshund) and easy-paced Big Dog(Brad Garrett from "Til Death" and "Everybody Loves Raymond")-the sheepdog. These crazy canines don't know how to fit in the world, and they definitely don't have any know-how. They often find themselves in commonplace situations (going to the drive-in, walking through the mall, working on the farm), some not so common situations (stuck on a space shuttle, a contestant on a game show, getting mistaken for the prime minister), and even in some familiar situations (Little Red Riding Hood, Noah's Ark, and Hansel and Gretel). But no matter the situation, their stupidity usually leads them to calamitous results.
  • Just great

    One of my favorite's cartoons when I was a kiddo. This cartoon is absolutely hillarious and icredibly funny. Back then, I didn;t realize this thing because, sincerly, I didn't had a clue what they were talking about but still watched them and still loved it. And now, it just hits me how great and inteligent they were. I laugh with my mouth and my belly hurting.. It is just amazing. One of the top cartoon network's classics, which you can't find these days.. Too bad that you can't find a decent show like this one.. And I'll defintely show it to my child to watch it because it worths all the way.
  • funny

    This is my all time favorite show. It's a classic.The little dog is so stupid that its really really funny. The big dog just fits in with him ands helps it be funnier. I love the episodes that have the school kid and the farmer in them. I didn't see this show when it came out or when it was still on cartoonetwork, I saw it recently on the channel bommerang which is a channel with all the old cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Wacky Races, Flinstones, 2 stupid dogs, and other old cartoons from cartoonrtwork. If you miss this show and you are reading this review a little after it came out 2 stupid dogs is on boomerand at 9:30 at night. I hope all you old cartoon lovers can view this show agian to bring back some old memories.
  • One of my favorite shows of my childhood

    I've loved this show ever since I was 3. It's one of my favorite shows I grew up with. The 2 main dogs are pretty funny, especially the little dog. Hallywood is pretty funny too, especially when he says "Aint that cute, BUT IT'S WRONG!" and the Little Red Riding Hood episodes are pretty funny too. I've seen some shows simular to this like 'Ren and Stimpy', 'Cow and Chicken', 'Schnookums and Meat' and 'Timon and Pumbaa'. I really like them alot too exept 'Ren and Stimpy' since it has too many gross humor in it. I really with that '2 Stupid Dogs' had more then just one season. I don't think just one season is enough seasons for a funny show like this. I thought the 'Secret Squirrel' cartoons on this show where pretty good too but I like the Dogs more.
  • Funny as Heck.

    2 Stupid Dogs is a show about, of course, 2 stupid dogs and they are hilarious in every way. I actually remember watching this show a whole lot. I remember the episode about Little Red Riding Hood best. I can't remember their names but this was a great show. I know there was a fat on and a skinny one. I wish this show was still airing on basic cable because I miss it a lot. I don't have much more to say about the show because I vaguely remember it. Those 2 stupid dogs are a part of my childhood that I miss.
  • Id ALmost forgotten

    I cant beleive that there was such a quality kids TV show that is never on anymore. This show was absolutely marvelous. Soo much funnier than these modern kids TV shows like 'Cramp Twins' or 'Spongebob'. Ah the simple pleasures of:"Well isn't that cute. But it's WROOOOOOOOOONG!!!!". I thought that that was hilarious every time.

    I can see the obvious comparison between these characters and Lennie and George from 'of mice and men' This was a clear Parody of them. Oh, and licking turds off the wheels of cars was always a hilarious event to watch. Those two dogs always in search of fine comestibles.

    What A CLASSIC!!!
  • 2 Stupid Dogs: Funny Idiots

    2 Stupid Dogs was a short lived American animated television series created by cartoonist Donovan Cook produced by Hanna-Barbera Cartoons that ran from September 1993 to January 1995 on TBS Superstation. 2 Stupid Dogs was a cartoon about a stupid dog and another stupid dog, with an animation style that was unusual (at the time); a very flat, simplistic style similar to early Hanna-Barbera cartoons of the 1950s and 60s, with early 1990s humor and sensibility. 2 Stupid Dogs was the beginning of the successful revival of Hanna-Barbera's fortunes, since the studio had not launched a bona fide hit since The Smurfs in 1981.
  • One of the Best shows around.

    My favort 90's classics are this & "Rocko's Modern Life" because they have similar plots the dog & Rocko are like "Pucca" & "Homestae Runner" begause there great to remember the plots are original as 'Rocko" himself evey charater is nice & shows like "CatDog" & "Arthur" are basicly rip-off to this & "Rocko's Modern Life"

    Live long Dogs, Live Long
  • Great alternative to current cartoons.

    I was flipping channels the other day, and I happened to stop on Boomerang. I see what looks like a geeky Little Red Riding hood skipping and singing. All of a sudden, this girl goes skipping and singing right off the face of a cliff. I immediately thought, "this is definitely the cartoon for me!" After watching a few episodes, this one has become a personal favorite.

    As the title might infer, this cartoon follows the misadventures of two contrasting (not only in size but in personality) dogs. Like most good cartoons, it's not so much what they say that's funny, but the stylized way in how they say it. But don't get me wrong, the dialogue is great too.

    "2 Stupid Dogs" is always cute, always funny, and always much better that whatever is on Cartoon Network.
  • Bring it back!!!!!

    Now that I have a child, I want her to see this cartoon. My family loves it. It is the best. It is just one of those cartoons that is so simple yet so funny. No violence or bratty little story lines, just a good cartoon. So bring it back!!!
  • For the love of god BRING IT BACK!

    This show was very funny and was one of the classics of Cartoon Network. The best shows are really the ones that are no longer running. A lot of this new crap on CN (with the exeption of FHFIF, Camp Lazlo, and Billy and Mandy) really sucks c*** in my book. This show was about two stupid dogs (hence the title). They had adventures in every episode that they handled in retarded ways, but thats why it was funny. Please CN bring all the old classics back and take off all this new $#!t.
  • ditto

    I remember watching this show on Cartoon Network and laughing at every single episode. This was my favorite show for a while. It's great. Some of my classmates used to say it was stupid...of course it's stupid that's the funny part of the show...I loved the music too. It takes a truly original angle for a cartoon- jazz. All of its background music is simple, spirited jazz. It adds an element of interest and lucidity that's particular to this show.
  • Two too stupid dogs

    This series is a classic. It is a sketch show that always makes you laugh. Each episode has a unique and hilarious storyline.
    The series focused on the adventures of two very stupid dogs, one energic little orange dog and a big, fat and lazy sheepdog.
    These two dogs get stucked into all kind of situations like getting trapped into a mall or a post office, or even on a space shuttle!
    The series is great!
  • I loved this show. It is so funny when I was younger and my parents liked it too when they watched!

    I wish that this show was still on. I miss it so much because it was clever and funny. I want them to release it on DVD and bring back new episodes. I think it was kind of stupid for them to take this show off the air. The best one was when they were making fun of the Brady Bunch. Absolutely hilarious.

    I love this show! there's the little dog and the big dog! and the guy who yells "BUT IT'S WRONG!!!!" haha! funny! the little dog is so hyper! and the big one is so cool and laid back. but they have one thing in common there stupid! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I liked this show. Sometimes I liked Secret Squirel, but I mostly liked the dogs!

    Noahs Ark:

    Lil' dog munching on unicorn horn
    Guy as Noah: Aw, well aint that cute? BUT IT'S WRONG!!!!!!

    HA! I love this part the most! Oh, Cartoon Network why? Why Did you have to get rid of this show????
  • Two stupid dogs is a show of the antics....stupid antics of 2 dogs, one hyper little crazy dog , and a big lazy sheepdog.

    This has always been one of my favorites and the other day I tried programming it into my DVR and it told me that the show wasnt in the listing! I was so upset! I remembered how much I used to like that and teh secret squirrel, and ren and stimpy! all personal favs.
  • Two stupid dogs, stupid and dogs.

    And yes, there are two of them. This show is pretty funny for an animation show tailored for adults. The dogs really are plain stupid and even act like real life dogs sometimes. There weren't many episodes but it was certainly worth it while it lasted. One of the animation shows I have on vhs off of the satellites.
  • 2 + stupid + dogs = 2 stupid dogs!

    i love this show! there's the little dog and the big dog! and the guy who yells "BUT IT'S WRONG!!!!" haha! funny! the little dog is so hyper! and the big one is so cool and laid back. but they have one thing in common there stupid! why, cartoonnetwork, why? why did you take two stupid dogs away?
  • Bring it back!

    Cartoon Network had it made for them when this show and many others were out. I find this show to be hilarious. I loved the episode where Little Dog and Big Dog went into outer space, and the episode with Red in it. This was always a favorite show of mine and I would love it if DVD's were ever released for it. This is without any doubt a classic Cartoon Network show. They did bring it to Boomerang for a while, but now I don't see it. My personal favorite was Little Dog because I think he's hilarious. If Cartoon Network would ever bring this show back it would become huge.
  • I loved 2 Stupid Dogs!

    2 Stupid Dogs was my very favourite show ever. Whenever I was allowed to watch Cartoon Network as a kid I would always ask if I could watch CN during 2 Stupid Dogs. I didn't really like Secret Squirrel for some reason. Anyway, my favourite dog was Little Dog because he was hyper and cute. Sorta like me!
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