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  • As the title says there are 2 stupid dogs living a dog's life. The small hyper one and the relaxed large one. The small dog is a daughhaund(i know thats spelled wrong) and the large dog is a sheepdog.

    They Have To Bring This Show Back!!!!!!!!!!!When i was young i loved this show it was my favourite!!!!!!Every single sunday me and my grandmother watched this show. I called it our show. I remember this one part from about 7 years ago the bigger dog had his head stuck in a hole in the fance and the little dog came along i dont remember what happened after that. This show is one of my favourite childhood memories. Still to this day me and my grandmother talk about this show. Overall I give it a 10/10 it is comical, memorable, and an overall great show. If they do bring it back I would recomend this show to every single person i know.
  • This Show is about 2 dogs who get in all sorts of mischief and thier stupidity leads to it.Theres a crazy energetic dacshund and a laid back sheepdog. They get into so many different situations like running into the brady bunch,or even getting stuck in a

    I started watching this show when I was four years old. I found it funny and entertaining. I remember when they played the marathons I would stay up and watch them. I taped a lot of episodes. That was until my little sister taped it over with Rugrats while i was gone. I was so Upset! I mean they still play Rugrats re-runs all the time. I havent seen this show in years. They should consider playing some re-runs. I really enjoyed this show, it was pratically my favorite childhood tv show. If this show came out on DVD I would definatly buy it.I know they dont play this show in the states but if you ever get a chance to see it I guarentee you'll either love it or you won't. But most people I know love the show.
  • two stupid dogs is a masterpiece of animation

    first of all, i dont think the world has ever heard a better theme song. this is without a doubt one of the greatest shows ever. why they would take it off air is beyond me. from start to finish it is filled with hilarious sitituations caused by the stupidity of the funniest looking dogs ever.
  • It's a good show, only it could use some work.

    The show reminds me of this new show that I think is named Catscratch. It does have some creativity, but I never really liked secrat squirrel so I'm not a verry big fan of the show. I like the charactors and their thoughts. Like their stupid ideas that get them into deep shit. It really is a funny show, but it's not a real creative show.
  • barley

    i can barely remember this show but i know i loved it. it's about two stupid dogs who go around and get into trouble, stupid wise. i know that my favorite episode is the brady bunch one. now how do i fill the rest of the page up i got it, PIE!!!
  • when cartoons were dying fast 2 stupid dogs saved it, kind of.

    2 stupid dogs is one of the greatest cartoons of the 90's. It's unbelievably underappreciated. 2 stupid dogs teaming up with Secret Squirrel and Morocco Mole was genius. Great show for kids and stoners of all ages. Cartoon Network was right for puting this show on the air, but THEY WERE WRONG! to stop making episodes.
  • This show is pretty funny.

    This show, Cartoon Network's answer to Nickelodeon’s 'Ren & Stimpy', was a good show, but was somewhat inconsistent and lacked the ingredients to be great. You might see it one day and piss in your pants and the next time just let out a few laughs throughout the entire episode. The show could have been great, but it was lacking something. What that something is-I'm not sure. Could it be a third character? Maybe. Could it be that they shouldn't have made Secret Squirrel, so that they could focus their attention 100% on 2 Stupid Dogs? Maybe. Whatever it was, I don't know. I recommend you watch this show, but I can't guarantee you'll like it.
  • Sometimes funny.

    This show had some funny episodes that I couldn't stop laughing it made my stomache hurt. But then there was some boring episodes that I just had to change the channel or keep watching hoping it would get better but never did. It had a stupid humor to it, kinda like Ren and Stimpy but more clean for kids to watch. It was a lot better then some of the cartoons there are today but it wan't one of the best to watch. If you asked me if you should watch it or not I would tell you you should give it a try and it might be the best cartoon you ever seen or maybe not but still give it a try.
  • Beginning of an era

    Many may not even give the series a second thought - which is why I chose the classification "underappreciated" - but it is definitely one of the most influencial of the 90's, if not in the most direct of ways (kinda like how Nirvana changed the music scene, but it ended up being Alice in Chains that was the most influencial over the years).

    Think about the style of the show, first of all. Many things drawn in a simplistic way, with odd angles aplenty. While it reminds one of old series like "Rocky and Bullwinkle," it had been a long time since a series with such a strong, different style had been on the scene, and I believe it definitely marked a turning point for cartoons as a whole, especially the company that made it, Hanna Barbera (think about Dexter's Lab, Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, etc...).

    The humor was also part of the changing scene. There was a healthy dose of innuendo and pop culture reference in the series that kids and adults could enjoy in different ways, much like the 60's Batman series or a movie like Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Nowadays, you see that in so many cartoon series, but back then, it was very fresh. Some compare it to Ren & Stimpy, but I find it to be so much more than a supposed copycat show. While Ren & Stimpy often relied on gross-out humor to get their laughs, 2 Stupid Dogs did it more so with clever writing and clever ideas.

    Overall, it's on my short list of favorite television shows of all time, period. Many may think I'm crazy for saying that, but a lot of them probably haven't really given the series a chance or viewed it later in life, when they can appreciate it on another level.
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