2 Stupid Dogs

TBS (ended 1995)





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  • This may be a ripoff from ren and stimpy but doe's it matter? Nope, this is my childhood classic.

    As a kid I was maddly in love with this series, I even entered my nanan's dog in the 2 stupid challenge compotition on cartoon network in 1996 where you had to dress up your dog and make it look stupid and take a photo or a home video. I used to love to draw them and I think that this series should have gone on loger than just 2 series it were that good. This show may look like hannabarbera's cheap rip off from ren and stimpy but it is quite different. There was little dog who whenever he saw a cat he would say.."CAAATT!!! and then big dog would come over to help little dog by frighting the cat off by saying a simple word "woof" and then the cat would scream and disappear, little dog also loved balls, any kind of balls. There was big dog who didn't say much only when spoken to and loves food and could eat about almost anything that no one would eat. None of the 2 dogs had any names at all. There was one character who came in nearly every episode who with his catchphase would say "hahaha ain't that cute,BUT IT'S WRONG!!!" that was so funny, especially in that short where he was trying to teach a bird to sing properly and the bird lost his feathers and fell off the stand because of his loud voice. there was however one thing I didn't like about this show and that was because they had secret squirrel as one of the segments of the show and it should be all about big dog and little dog. Overall a classic to remember and should be brought back on telly.