2 Stupid Dogs

TBS (ended 1995)



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  • As the title says there are 2 stupid dogs living a dog's life. The small hyper one and the relaxed large one. The small dog is a daughhaund(i know thats spelled wrong) and the large dog is a sheepdog.

    They Have To Bring This Show Back!!!!!!!!!!!When i was young i loved this show it was my favourite!!!!!!Every single sunday me and my grandmother watched this show. I called it our show. I remember this one part from about 7 years ago the bigger dog had his head stuck in a hole in the fance and the little dog came along i dont remember what happened after that. This show is one of my favourite childhood memories. Still to this day me and my grandmother talk about this show. Overall I give it a 10/10 it is comical, memorable, and an overall great show. If they do bring it back I would recomend this show to every single person i know.