2 Stupid Dogs - Season 2

TBS (ended 1995)




Episode Guide

  • Inside Out
    Inside Out
    Episode 16
    The dogs happen upon a huge bone that's being shipped to a museum. When the bone is taken inside, the two dogs decide to wait for it to come back out. But they wait so still, the movers think they're some exhibit and take them into the museum, too. Once inside, the dogs decide to wait no longer and decide to 'go inside' after the bone.moreless
  • Stunt Dogs
    Stunt Dogs
    Episode 1
    The dogs try to get into a dog food commercial for the free food, but they accidentally wander into the wrong studio where they're filming a jungle picture. It stars Hollywood, and he mistakes the dogs for the stunt doubles for jungle king's faithful sidekicks: Bo-Bo and Boo-Boo.
  • Door Jam
    Door Jam
    Episode 12
    Big Dog loses the can he's chewing on. After following the path it rolled down, they find it's now trapped behind an automatic door. After much thought, Little Dog concludes the door will not open for them because they're not wearing shoes. So they then go out hunting for shoes.
  • The Rise and Fall of the Big Dog
    The dogs encounter a bum in front of the white house. A fight ensues which results in the foreign ambassadors and Big Dog switching places. While Big Dog is off attending a political party at the White House, Little Dog (who thinks the ambassador is Big Dog) tries to get his buddy to snap out of his 'amnesia'.moreless
  • Love Doctors
    Love Doctors
    Episode 3
    The dogs are hanging out with Kenny, who's in love with Buffy. But Kenny is too nervous to talk to her, so the dogs talk to her for him. But Little Dog misinterprets everything Buffy's says, leading Kenny on. Soon, Buffy is playing with Kenny and the dogs, but only because she thinks the dogs belong to him.moreless
  • Cookies, Ookies, Blookies
    The dogs want 'Fudgie Scout Cookies', but don't know how to go about getting them. After close examination, the Little Dog comes to the conclusion that you need a door. The dogs then find a house that is empty and has a door. They then take on the challenge of both getting the girl to come to their door and then getting the door open.moreless
  • Far-Out Friday
    Far-Out Friday
    Episode 4
    For no apparent reason, the two dogs switch bodies. Noticing no effect, the two set out in search for food only to find their new bodies are non-compliant with their stupid personalities.
  • Cat!
    Episode 6
    Big Dog is sleeping and Little Dog is in trouble. A cat has wandered into the alley and has placed itself between the two dogs. With Little Dog's dependence on Big Dog's ability to scare cats, he must find a way to wake Big Dog from the other side of the cat.moreless
  • Fun!
    Episode 17
    When the dogs go to a new diner in hope of eating the good food served there, they find out that it opens the next day. Recalling the old saying "Time flys when you're having fun", they try to do fun things to pass the time in wait for the new restaurant.moreless
  • Post Office
    Post Office
    Episode 2
    The dogs find themselves waiting in line at the post office. But they soon realize that they didn't know what the post office was even for. So the dogs spend the day waiting in line, signing up for the draft, and attacking mail carriers.
  • Where's The Bone?
    Where's The Bone?
    Episode 11
    Little Dog is distraught. He's lost his favorite bone (which is actually just sitting on the back of his head). He asks Big Dog to help him find it and the two set out searching far and wide for the 'lost' bone.
  • Seeing Eye Dogs
    Seeing Eye Dogs
    Episode 5
    The dogs are sold as seeing eye dogs to Hollywood, who's blind after an eye exam, but Big Dog is more concerned with finding a fire hydrant, while Little Dog keeps claiming he knows a shortcut, which involves going through a construction yard.
  • Love in the Park
    Love in the Park
    Episode 7
    While spending the day in the park, Little Dog happens upon a little toy dog that just barks twice, then does a flip. Little Dog interprets this as a sign of affection. Meanwhile, Big Dog is trying to return a frisbee to the girl who threw it to him.
  • Cartoon Canines
    Cartoon Canines
    Episode 15
    The dogs have enlisted in a military-esque boot camp that trains cartoon characters to become hardcore cartoons.
  • Vegas Buffet
    Vegas Buffet
    Episode 10
    The dogs are headed to the Lucky Nugget to partake of the 'Super Cheap Economy Style One Pound Hot Dog Buffet'. But they're early, so they wait. The Big Dog finds a quarter and uses it in a slot machine. By stroke of luck, they win the jackpot, attracting the attention of casino owner Hollywood. Wanting to win his money back, Hollywood takes the dogs around to the other games. But the dogs just want the buffet, so they keep betting everything, only to win more.moreless
  • Trash Day
    Trash Day
    Episode 9
    It's garbage day, and the two dogs scrounge through a trash can for things. but a heated debate ensues when they find a used toilet seat that both of them want.
  • Family Values
    Family Values
    Episode 14
    The dogs happen upon a little home that's having a cook-out. Upon investigating, they find a family that's very Brady Bunch-esque. The family is getting into situations that they're 'learning from'.
  • Space Dogs
    Space Dogs
    Episode 19
    The dogs investigate a truck full of what they think is ice cream. It's actually the food that's being stored in the next space shuttle. Once on board, the dogs accidentally launch the craft into space.
  • Day Dream
    Day Dream
    Episode 8
    The dogs awake to find a delivery of ice cream products before them. Little Dog suspects that this is a dream come true, so they must be asleep. Together, the two set out to wake themselves up.