2 Stupid Dogs

Season 2 Episode 5

Seeing Eye Dogs

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Oct 08, 1994 on TBS

Episode Recap

A blind Hollywood is walking, and very confused. He's wearing "fake" glasses, but you can tell he's actually blind. He's looking for the Seeing Eye Dogs store, he passes in front of it, and gets accidentally, into "The Wig Emporium".

- Anybody Here?!!

- ... May I help you.

Hollywood explains he just received some drops in his eyes, that make him... not see a thing. The owner seems confused about Hollywood asking for dogs; and he can't explain the situation of the place being a wig store, he wasn't going to get him the dogs, until Hollywood showed a pile of money. The owner goes out, and finds both Big Dog, and Small Dog, and drags them inside.

A trailer is about to run over Hollywood, but Small Dog could stop him on time; the dogs start being his guide. They get into a construction place. And they keep trying finding "a shortcut". Luckly, nothing happens to them, not even when they walked over the most dangerous places. They even get into a High Voltage room.

And, after they fall from a big balloon, Hollywood realizes he can see now. And decides to go his own way, and not listen to those dogs. He walks a few steps, and then gets run over by a car.