2 Stupid Dogs

Season 2 Episode 19

Space Dogs

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Jan 21, 1995 on TBS

Episode Recap

There's an spaceship, and next to it, is a truck labeled: Space Snack.

There were our heroes: both, Big Dog and Small Dog are trying to get into the truck's trunk. Where they see a lot of boxes, with food; they're labeled with an Ice Cream picture. The trunk releases everything it has, inside the spaceship the spaceship, including the dogs. When they're in, they start pressing random buttons, because the food got into another room.

They now find another control cab. And, when Big Dog hits the "Launch" button, the "flight" starts, and now find themselves in space. Floating, where there's no gravity; or, not as much as on earth.

An "ice cream" bag is revealed, when Big Dog keeps pressing buttons, and the small one starts to follow it, almost out in space. He actually gets off the ship, and is able to keep following the bag. But he got run over by another spaceship, and flew into a satellite, this one was videotaping space.

- Where's my ice cream?

He finds it; but meanwhile... in NASA, a person saw him and calls somebody to tell them about it. They don't believe him, though.

Small Dog got run over by the same spaceship. And when floating, he gets caught under Big Dog's control- a giant hand!- and takes him into their spaceship. He finally has the ice cream bag in his hands. And when he opened it, it seemed like some kind of colored-rice bar. It didn't even taste like ice cream! He didn't seem satisfied at all.

Their destiny: the moon. Or how Big Dog called it: cheese!

They crash against the other spaceship, though.