2 Stupid Dogs

Season 2 Episode 18

The Rise and Fall of the Big Dog

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Jan 14, 1995 on TBS

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  • Somethin' else...

    This episode, along with "Cartoon Canines," is one of the most truly bizarre episodes of the series. Everything is done in a very over-the-top manner and there are odd references in it that, while oddly hilarious, won't reach many.

    One of the weird references happens right at the beginning. The dogs are in the park, on a bench, looking up at the stars. A hobo comes up to them and asks for some change. This makes little dog very annoyed! He says he "ain't got any" change and after the hobo finally leaves (after being threatened to be cited for misspelling because his sign says "will fork for wood"), little dog angrily exclaims "I wish they'd keep these USC graduates off the streets!" An inside thing, probably, that I don't understand, but love anyway.

    Later, big dog accidentally swaps places with a foreign ambassador going to see the president (who is obviously Bill Clinton) and no one notices. Little dog thinks somethings wrong with his buddy, who seems to have lost his memory, so he repeatedly blows him up, figuring it'll shake his memory loose. Meanwhile, big dog gives a great speech about taking a vacation from yourself.

    Lots of fun in this one and a nice (if extremely weird) departure from the rest of the episodes.