2006 Winter Olympic Games

Season 1 Episode 16

Day 15

Aired Daily 8:00 PM Feb 25, 2006 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • After hearing U.S. alpine skier Bode Miller say in an interview that he didn't really care about winning, host Bob Costas offered a critical comment about Bode Miller's effort at the Games. He said that if you don't care enough to give your best--and sometimes do your best--soon enough you'll find that no one else will care either. He was referring to the pre-Olympic hype about Miller and his ubiquitous Nike commercials. Earlier in the day, Bill Marolt, president and CEO of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association, said he would have a "heart-to-heart" talk with Bode Miller at the end of the season about his poor performances, and perhaps his statements to the media.

    • The men's short track 5000 m relay final included 5 teams. Usually only 4 teams compete in the finals.

  • Quotes

    • Apolo Anton Ohno: Olympic spirit is in my blood now.

    • Apolo Anton Ohno: I think sometimes there's a little bit too much emphasis put on the color of the medal, rather than the true spirit of the Games, you know, which is the passion.

  • Notes

    • The following athletes were also featured in today's telecast:

      Nicola Rodigari (Men's Short Track-500m-Italy)
      Satoru Terao (Men's Short Track-500m-Japan)
      Charles Hamelin (Men's Short Track-5000m Relay-Canada)
      Anthony Lobello (Men's Short Track-5000m Relay-USA)
      J. P. Kepka (Men's Short Track-5000m Relay-USA)
      Jon Eley (Men's Short Track-500m-Great Britain)
      Alexey Voevoda (Men's Bobsled-Four-Man)
      Alex Izykowski (Men's Short Track-5000m Relay-USA)
      Andre Lange (Men's Bobsled-Four-Man-Germany)
      Rene Hoppe (Men's Bobsled-Four-Man-Germany)
      Alexej Seliverstov (Men's Bobsled-Four-Man)
      Mathieu Turcotte (Men's Short Track-5000m Relay-Canada)
      Meng Wang (Women's Short Track-1000m-China)
      Sun-Yu Jin (Women's Short Track-1000m-South Korea)
      Eric Bedard (Men's Short Track-500m-Canada)
      Martin Putze (Men's Bobsled-Four-Man-Germany)
      Daniela Anschuetz Thoms (Women's Speedskating-5000m-Germany)
      Martina Sablikova (Women's Speedskating-5000m)
      Cindy Klassen (Women's Speedskating-5000m-Canada)
      Claudia Pechstein (Women's Speedskating-5000m-Germany)
      Clara Hughes (Women's Speedskating-5000m-Canada)
      Uschi Disl (Women's Biathlon-12.5km Mass Start-Germany)
      Hyun-Soo Ahn (Men's Short Track-500m-South Korea)
      Anna Carin Olofsson (Women's Biathlon-12.5km Mass Start-Sweden)
      Filipp Egorov (Men's Bobsled-Four-Man)
      Aleksandr Zoubkov (Men's Bobsled-Four-Man)
      Florence Baverel-Robert (Women's Biathlon-12.5km Mass Start-France)
      Pierre Lueders (Men's Bobsled-Four-Man-Canada)
      Rainer Schoenfelder (Men's Alpine Skiing-Slalom-Austria)
      Benjamin Raich (Men's Alpine Skiing-Slalom-Austria)
      Paavo Puurunen (Men's Biathlon-15km Mass Start-Finland)
      Sergei Tchepikov (Men's Biathlon-15km Mass Start)
      Tomasz Sikora (Men's Biathlon-15km Mass Start-Poland)
      Michael Greis (Men's Biathlon-15km Mass Start-Germany)
      Andre Myhrer (Men's Alpine Skiing-Slalom-Sweden)
      Kentaro Minagawa (Men's Alpine Skiing-Slalom-Japan)
      Reinfried Herbst (Men's Alpine Skiing-Slalom-Austria)
      Cedric Grand (Men's Bobsled-Four-Men-Switzerland)
      Beat Hefti (Men's Bobsled-Four-Men-Switzerland)
      Thomas Lamparter (Men's Bobsled-Four-Men-Switzerland)
      Suk-Woo Song (Men's Short Track-5000m Relay-South Korea)
      Kevin Kuske (Men's Bobsled-Four-Man-Germany)
      Yvonne Kunze (Women's Short Track-1000m-Germany)
      Arianna Fontana (Women's Short Track-1000m-Italy)
      Amanda Overland (Women's Short Track-1000m-Canada)
      Tania Vicent (Women's Short Track-1000m-Canada)
      Eun-Kyung Choi (Women's Short Track-1000m-South Korea)
      Yang Yang (A) (Women's Short Track-1000m-China)
      Jonathan Guilmette (Men's Short Track-5000m Relay-Canada)
      Francois-Louis Tremblay (Men's Short Track-500m-Canada)
      Martina Glagow (Women's Biathlon-12.5km Mass Start-Germany)
      Ho-Jin Seo (Men's Short Track-5000m Relay-South Korea)
      Rusty Smith (Men's Short Track-5000m Relay-USA)
      Lascelles Brown (Men's Bobsled-Four-Man-Canada)
      Morgan Alexander (Men's Bobsled-Four-Man-Canada)
      Se-Jong Oh (Men's Short Track-5000m Relay-South Korea)
      Ho-Suk Lee (Men's Short Track-5000m Relay-South Korea)
      Ken Kotyk (Men's Bobsled-Four-Man-Canada)
      Martin Annen (Men's Bobsled-Four-Men-Switzerland)

    • Men's Hockey Bronze medal game
      Team Czech Republic
      Ales Kotalik (Forward)
      Martin Erat (Forward)
      Vaclav Prospal (Forward)
      Tomas Vokoun (Goalkeeper)
      Jan Bulis (Forward)
      Ales Hemsky (Forward)
      Rostislav Olesz (Forward)
      Marek Zidlicky (Defense)
      Tomas Kaberle (Defense)
      Frantisek Kaberle (Defense)
      Jaromir Jagr (Forward)
      Martin Straka (Forward)
      Martin Rucinsky (Forward)
      Robert Lang II (Forward)
      David Vyborny (Forward)
      Marek Malik (Defense)

      Team Russia
      Viktor Kozlov (Forward)
      Maxim Sushinsky (Forward)
      Sergei Gonchar (Defense)
      Ivan Nepryaev (Forward)
      Evgeni Nabokov (Goalkeeper)
      Evgeni Malkin (Forward)
      Darius Kasparaitis (Defense)
      Fedor Tyutin (Defense)
      Andrei Taratukhin (Forward)
      Anton Volchenkov (Defense)
      Pavel Datsyuk (Forward)
      Maxim Afinogenov (Forward)
      Alexander Ovechkin (Forward)
      Alexei Yashin (Forward)
      Andrei Markov (Defense)
      Alexei Kovalev (Forward)
      Ilya Kovalchuk (Forward)

    • Canadian speedskater Clara Hughes, the gold medalist in the women's 5000m speedskating event, donated $10,000 of her own money to the charity Right to Play. She was inspired by U.S. speedskater Joey Cheek's previous donations. She donated her own money because the Canadian Olympic Committee does not pay bonus checks to Canadian medal winners.

    • The grandfather of U.S. short track skater Kimberly Derrick died of a heart attack on Thursday in Turin. He had come over to Italy to watch Kimberly compete in the Olympics. She skated in her quarterfinal heat, but clearly her head was not in the race. She entered the rink in tears and was distracted throughout the race.

    • MEDAL COUNT - DAY 15

      Germany 11 12 6 29
      USA 9 9 7 25
      Canada 7 10 7 24
      Austria 9 7 6 22
      Russia 8 5 8 21
      Norway 2 8 9 19
      Switzerland 5 4 5 14
      Sweden 6 2 5 13
      South Korea 6 3 2 11
      China 2 4 5 11
      Italy 4 0 6 10
      France 3 2 4 9
      Netherlands 3 2 4 9
      Finland 0 5 3 8
      Czech Republic 1 2 1 4
      Estonia 3 0 0 3
      Croatia 1 2 0 3
      Australia 1 0 1 2
      Poland 0 1 1 2
      Ukraine 0 0 2 2
      Japan 1 0 0 1
      Belarus 0 1 0 1
      Bulgaria 0 1 0 1
      Great Britain 0 1 0 1
      Slovakia 0 1 0 1
      Latvia 0 0 1 1

    • U.S. skier Bode Miller, the 2005 overall World Cup champion in alpine skiing, failed to win a single medal at the 2006 Winter Olympics.

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