2006 Winter Olympic Games

NBC (ended 2006)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Day 16
      Day 16
      Episode 17
      8 pm Closing CeremonyCross-Country Skiing: Men's 50km Freestyle Ice Hockey: Men's Gold Medal Game
    • Day 15
      Day 15
      Episode 16
      Alpine Skiing: Men's Slalom Biathlon: Men's 15km Mass Start Women's 12.5km Mass Start Bobsled: Four-Man Final Heat 3, Heat 4 Ice Hockey: Men's Bronze Medal Game Russia vs. Czech Republic Short Track: Men's 500m Women's 1000m Men's 5000m Relay Speedskating: Women's 5000m
    • Day 14
      Day 14
      Episode 15
      Alpine Skiing: Women's Giant Slalom Bobsled: Four-Man Final Heat 1 and Heat 2 Cross-Country Skiing: Women's 30km Freestyle Final Curling: Men's Bronze Medal Game USA vs. Great Britain Men's Gold Medal Game Finland vs. Canada Figure Skating: Gala Exhibition Ice Hockey: Men's Semifinals Sweden vs. Czech Republic Finland vs. Russia Speedskating: Men's 10,000mmoreless
    • Day 13
      Day 13
      Episode 14
      Biathlon: Women's 4x6km Relay Curling: Women's Bronze Medal Game Women's Gold Medal Game Figure Skating: Ladies' Free Skate Freestyle Skiing: Men's Aerials Snowboarding: Women's Parallel Giant Slalom
    • Day 12
      Day 12
      Episode 13
      Alpine Skiing: Women's Slalom Cross-Country Skiing: Women's Sprint Men's Sprint Curling: Women's Semifinals Norway vs. Sweden Switzerland vs. Canada Men's Semifinals Canada vs. USA Finland vs. Great Britain Freestyle Skiing: Women's Aerials Ice Hockey: Men's Quarterfinals Switzerland (A2) vs. Sweden (B3) Finland (A1) vs. USA (B4) Russia (B2) vs. Canada (A3) Slovakia (B1) vs. Czech Republic (A4) Short Track: Women's 1000m Preliminary Heats Men's 500m Preliminary Heats Women's 3000m Relay Final Snowboarding: Men's Parallel Giant Slalom Speedskating: Women's 1500mmoreless
    • Day 11
      Day 11
      Episode 12
      Biathlon: Men's 4x7.5km Relay Bobsled: Women's Final Figure Skating: Ladies' Short Program Freestyle Skiing: Women's Aerials - Qualification Ice Hockey: Men's Preliminary Round Group B-Latvia vs. Kazakhstan Group A-Switzerland vs. Italy Group A-Finland vs. Germany Group A-Canada vs. Czech Republic Group B-Sweden vs. Slovakia Group B-USA vs. Russia Nordic Combined: Sprint Speedskating: Men's 1500m Finalmoreless
    • Day 10
      Day 10
      Episode 11
      Alpine Skiing: Mens' Giant Slalom Women's Super-G [rescheduled from Day 9] Bobsled: Women's Curling: Women's Round Robin (Draw 11) Sweden vs. Russia Denmark vs. Norway Italy vs. Japan Men's Round Robin (Draw 12) Switzerland vs. Italy New Zealand vs. Germany Canada vs. USA Women's Round Robin (Draw 12) Denmark vs. Canada Switzerland vs. Japan Norway vs. Russia USA vs. Great Britain Figure Skating: Ice Dancing Free Dance Freestyle Skiing: Men's Aerials - Qualification Ice Hockey: Women's Classification (7-8) Game-Switzerland vs. Italy Women's Bronze Medal Game-Finland vs. USA Women's Classification (5-6) Game-Germany vs. Russia Women's Gold Medal Game-Sweden vs. Canada Ski Jumping: Men's Team Finalmoreless
    • Day 9
      Day 9
      Episode 10
      Alpine Skiing: Women's Super-G Postponed due to weather conditions Bobsled: Two-Man Cross-Country Skiing: Men's 4x10km Relay Curling: Men's Round Robin (Draw 10) Norway vs. New Zealand Germany vs. Sweden Italy vs. Finland Great Britain vs. USA Women's Round Robin (Draw 10) Switzerland vs. USA Italy vs. Canada Great Britain vs. Japan Russia vs. Denmark Men's Round Robin (Draw 11) Great Britain vs. Finland New Zealand vs. Canada Sweden vs. Switzerland Norway vs. Germany Figure Skating: Ice Dancing-Original Dance Freestyle Skiing: Women's Aerials Postponed due to weather conditions Ice Hockey: Men's Preliminary Round Group A-Germany vs. Switzerland Group B-Russia vs. Latvia Group B-Slovakia vs. Kazakhstan Group B-USA vs. Sweden Group A-Czech Republic vs. Italy Group A-Finland vs. Canada Speedskating: Women's 1000mmoreless
    • Day 8
      Day 8
      Episode 9
      Alpine Skiing: Women's Combined-Downhill run Men's Super-G Biathlon: Women's 10km Pursuit Men's 12.5km Pursuit Bobsled: Two-Man Cross-Country Skiing: Women's 4x5km Relay Curling: Women's Round Robin (Draw 8) Great Britain vs. Italy Russia vs. Switzerland Sweden vs. Denmark Japan vs. Canada Men's Round Robin (Draw 9) Germany vs. USA Canada vs. Italy Switzerland vs. Great Britain Finland vs. Norway Women's Round Robin (Draw 9) Japan vs. Sweden Great Britain vs. Norway Italy vs. USA Ice Hockey: Men's Preliminary Round Group B-Kazakhstan vs. Russia Group A-Italy vs. Germany Group A-Canada vs. Switzerland Group B-Sweden vs. Latvia Group B-Slovakia vs. USA Group A-Czech Republic vs. Finland Short Track: Women's 1500m Men's 1000m Ski Jumping: Men's Large Hill Final Speedskating: Men's 1000m Finalmoreless
    • Day 7
      Day 7
      Episode 8
      Alpine Skiing: Women's Combined-Slalom *Downhill run postponed until Sat., Feb. 18 Cross-Country Skiing: Men's 15km Classical Curling: Men's Round Robin (Draw 7) Italy vs. Norway Sweden vs. Finland Switzerland vs. Germany Women's Round Robin (Draw 7) USA vs. Russia Norway vs. Italy Great Britain vs. Canada Switzerland vs. Sweden Men's Round Robin (Draw 8) Sweden vs. Great Britain USA vs. Switzerland Finland vs. Canada New Zealand vs. Italy Figure Skating: Ice Dancing Compulsory Dance Ice Hockey: Women's Placement Round-Russia (A3) vs. Switzerland (B4) Women's Semifinals-USA (B1) vs. Sweden (A2) Women's Placement Round-Germany (B3) vs. Italy (A4) Women's Semifinals-Canada (A1) vs. Finland (B2) Skeleton: Men's Final Ski Jumping: Men's Large Hill Qualification Snowboarding: Women's Snowboard Crossmoreless
    • Day 6
      Day 6
      Episode 7
      Biathlon: Women's 7.5km Sprint Cross-Country Skiing: Women's 10km Classical Curling: Women's Round Robin (Draw 5) Canada vs. Switzerland Japan vs. Denmark Russia vs. Great Britain Sweden vs. Italy Men's Round Robin (Draw 6) Great Britain vs. Germany Switzerland vs. New Zealand USA vs. Sweden Norway vs. Canada Women's Round Robin (Draw 6) Sweden vs. USA Denmark vs. Switzerland Canada vs. Norway Figure Skating: Men's Free Skate Ice Hockey: Men's Preliminary Round Group A-Finland vs. Italy Group A-Czech Republic vs. Switzerland Group B-Sweden vs. Russia Group B-Slovakia vs. Latvia Group A-Canada vs. Germany Group B-USA vs. Kazakhstan Nordic Combined: Team Final Skeleton: Women's Final Snowboarding: Men's Snowboard Cross Speedskating: Women's Team Pursuit Men's Team Pursuitmoreless
    • Day 5
      Day 5
      Episode 6
      Alpine Skiing: Women's Downhill Curling: Men's Round Robin (Draw 4) Finland vs. New Zealand Sweden vs. Norway Canada vs. Great Britain Women's Round Robin (Draw 4) Sweden vs. Great Britain Italy vs. Russia Japan vs. Norway Denmark vs. USA Men's Round Robin (Draw 5) USA vs. Italy Great Britain vs. Norway Canada vs. Switzerland Germany vs. Finland Freestyle Skiing: Men's Moguls Ice Hockey: Men's Preliminary Round Group B-Kazakhstan vs. Sweden Group A-Italy vs. Canada Group A-Switzerland vs. Finland Group A-Germany vs. Czech Republic Group B-Russia vs. Slovakia Group B-Latvia vs. USA Luge: Doubles Final Nordic Combined: Team Short Track: Women's 500m Final Men's 1000m Preliminaries Men's 5000m Relay Semifinals Speedskating: Women's Team Pursuit-Time Trials, Elimination Men's Team Pursuit-Time Trials, Eliminationmoreless
    • Day 4
      Day 4
      Episode 5
      Alpine Skiing: Men's Combined Biathlon: Men's 10km Sprint Cross-Country Skiing: Women's Team Sprint Men's Team Sprint Curling: Women's Round Robin Men's Round Robin Figure Skating: Men's Ice Hockey: Women's Preliminary Round Group A-Italy vs. Russia Group A-Canada vs. Sweden Group B-Switzerland vs. Germany Group B-USA vs. Finland Luge: Women's Singles Speedskating: Women's 500mmoreless
    • Day 3
      Day 3
      Episode 4
      Biathlon: Women's 15km Individual Curling: Men's Round Robin (Draw 1) New Zealand vs. Sweden Italy vs. Great Britain Norway vs. USA Finland vs. Switzerland Women's Round Robin (Draw 1) Norway vs. USA Canada vs. Sweden Switzerland vs. Italy Great Britain vs. Denmark Men's Round Robin (Draw 2) Germany vs. Canada Finland vs. USA Great Britain vs. New Zealand Italy vs. Sweden Figure Skating: Pairs Free Skate Ice Hockey: Women's Preliminary Round Group A-Sweden vs. Italy Group B-Finland vs. Switzerland Luge: Women's Singles Snowboarding: Women's Halfpipe Speedskating: Men's 500mmoreless
    • Day 2
      Day 2
      Episode 3
      Alpine Skiing: Men's Downhill Cross-Country Skiing: Women's 15km Pursuit Men's 30km Pursuit Ice Hockey: Women's Preliminary Round, Group A Russia vs. Canada Group B Germany vs. USA Luge: Men's Singles Short Track: Men's 1500m Women's 500m Women's 3000m Relay Ski Jumping: Men's Normal Hill Snowboarding: Men's Halfpipe Speedskating: Women's 3000m
    • Day 1
      Day 1
      Episode 2
      Biathlon: Men's 20km Individual Final Figure Skating: Pairs Short Program Freestyle Skiing: Women's Moguls Ice Hockey: Women's Preliminary Round Group B-Finland vs. Germany Group A-Sweden vs. Russia Group B-USA vs. Switzerland Group A-Canada vs. Italy Luge: Men's Singles Final, Day 1 Nordic Combined: Individual Final Competition Ski Jumping: Men's Normal Hill Qualification Speedskating: Men's 5000m Finalmoreless
    • Opening Ceremony
      Opening Ceremony
      Episode 1
      The 2006 Winter Olympics began in the Stadium Olimpico with the Parade of Nations and the lighting of the Olympic cauldron.