2006 Winter Olympic Games

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  • A good couple of weeks

    I really enjoyed these games! It had all the ingredients of a great event.

    My favourite moment would have to be when the aerialist, I think it was Jeff Bean went up the jump and he skis came off and they shot up into the air! He went through with the tricks and sorta collapsed on the ground - but he was uninjured.

    The luge, skeleton and bobsled were really facinating, there was something seriously wrong with that course though as there seemed to be a huge amount of accidents at a certain turn near the end of the course.

    In Australia I have seen a very amount I ice hockey on TV, its a sport I really like the look of and the olympics provided me with it.

    The figure skating became like a soap opera with amazing facial expressions here and there. An Italian man dropped his emale partner and I remember the death stare he gave her at the end - It was priceless.

    It was a great couple of weeks, but I'm glad its only that - if it had gone on a bit long it would have lost a bit of its quality.
  • I love the winter olympics! and im soooo sad that they\'re over!!!

    I love the winter olympics, and people are dissing nbc\'s coverage of them, but i think they did a fine job, there was nothing wrong with it in my opinion. Apolo Anton Ohno did great, Shaun White was AMAZING, Sasha was beautiful, And bode miller was his cool self (i felt soooo bad for him, he didnt win anything!) 16 days of pure joy for me!!!! and the opening and closing ceremonies were great!
  • I enjoyed watching the games, but I'm glad they're done.

    Over the course of these past few weeks, I had the great opportunity to watch the 2006 Winter Olympics from Turin. While I didn't get the chance to watch all of my favorite winter sports being played out due to them being televised late or while didn't have access to tv, what I watched, I absolutely enjoyed. I just loved the excitment of seeing the Canadian women win gold in hockey and the heart pounding thrills of seeing the contestants going down the track in the luge and skeleton competitions. I also enjoyed watching the speedskating and the short track skating, because I think that the way skate is a pretty site to watch. In all, these were some good Olympic Games, it's nice to finally see them draw to an end, and I can't wait until the summer games in 2008.
  • Its ok

    It would be better if they would not show so much american people ice skating.Women or girls from other countries they grade the bad bt the americans good.For example, An american girl was skating and she fell two times and they graded her so well it was like 100.then a japaneese girl skated and she fell one time but they graded her like 80.
    thats not fair!!
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