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Friday 10:00 PM on ABC Premiered Jun 02, 1978 In Season



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AIRED ON 2/13/2015

Season 38 : Episode 21

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Among the most recognized and revered television newsmagazines, 20/20 was ABC's answer to CBS's 60 Minutes. Though some stories were humorous, light-hearted and sometimes frivolous features, the meat of "20/20's" programming was investigative reporting many times exposing corporate, medical, educational and governmental wrongdoing, incompetence and criminal negligence and reports on news events of the week from (often) different angles than was seen on the nightly news. Though most of the reports proved to be factual, some were heralded as sensationalist; others led to allegations of libel while at least one story later proved to be an embarrassing hoax. The show's current co-anchors are John Stossel and Elizabeth Vargas.

Chris Cuomo

Chris Cuomo


Brian Ross

Brian Ross

Correspondent 1994-

Juju Chang

Juju Chang

Correspondent 1997 -

Elizabeth Vargas

Elizabeth Vargas

(Correspondent 1996 - 2004 / Co-Anchor 2004 - ?)

Chris Connelly

Chris Connelly

Correspondent 2002 -

Diane Swayer

Diane Swayer

Correspondent 1998-2002

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  • mental health

    I have a daughter that I been working hard to get help for last month she been out of control and when I find her she be in jail for been with people she don't know at this time I need a lawyer I can't afford, it been living with this over years make me want give up if my daughter don't get help she need she going die right now she could go jail for years for some she didn't she was one call police for help and they lock. Her contract the new station and local news,I see mental health difference it's really and it can take over your life jus like drug so many people in jail on street that mental daughter starts with been raped at age3 I went to take charge out they told me to find him I went back to report him address and back again to report his number as results I was told they lost the file what wrong with this storymoreless
  • Pretty climactic

    Love the way that the show always manages to keep itself climactic and it really feels like a Hitchcock film in real life at a perspective. It really has you be on edge many times each episode. Really worth a watch.
  • Failure to support or even expose the impossible problems men and boys face.

    I am posting my disgust with the bigoted behaviour that ABC, News and 20/20 have demonstrated against the Men's Human Right Site "A Voice for Men". Not only has the 20/20 program demonstrated it's clearly maintained sexism, anti-male bias and obvious discrimination in it's refusal to show the program, but it also doctored that program in such a way to humiliate, denigrate and obfuscate any efforts that Men are trying to make a difference to their now additionally hardened lives.

    I find it now obvious that ABC, ABC News and the 20/20 programs to be bigoted and biased and not worthy of being viewed in any fashion at all. The hypocrisy of the program's host as well as management of the ABC media outlet, is a shear disgrace. It should have a good hard look at their own disgusting attitude towards men and boys issues in general. Obviously, the ABC and ABC's 20/20, only ever want to promote females and their issues while completely ignoring any issues, bias and bigotry, that men and boys face on a daily basis.moreless
  • moms giving up their kids

    I am a 43 year old mother of 3 beautiful kids aged 21, 18, and 12. I have not seen my 18 or 12 year old in almost 9 years and they live about 5 miles away from me. My 21 year old stuck with me. I went through some bad mental health times and lost my 2 daughters, to my step-mother and my father. My daughter is 18 now, and I'm hoping that she comes to me because I have the real answers as to what really happened, not the horrible story that my step-monster told them. I really loved this show. I think that if fathers can get divorced or separated, and the kids live with the mother- then why can't it be the other way around???moreless

    I love the episode on 5/4/2013 I have a neighbor that is so bad that most of the neighbors go inside when he come out side . He Is racist and a ***phobe and I wish their was something we could do so he would stop harassing us and our pets.

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