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slum lords in kentucky

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    hi my name is wanda micheal....i have a few issue i would like to post to you 20/20....my sister lives in a apt..in mayfield kentucky..she is a disable person .... she has liveds at this address for a few months....in the time she has been there a leak in the celling has happen and because of this her floors have been totaly soaked...she spoke with her landlord about it and she in trun ( the landlord) said she would get this fixed asp....this has not yet happen....in the process of all this mushroom grew up in her livingroom..she told the landlord of this...she again said " i will get that fixed"...and as of today it has not been done....because of the water and mushrooms problem...black mold has appeared...and as to my amazement ...she told the landlord that this is really bad and needed to be corrected...it can cause sickness and even death in some cases...well because of my sister bring this to the landlords attention ..the landlord then told her that she needed to get out and that if she didnt she would have her elec. turned off....all in the same day...my sister draws a check but once a month...she paid the ele bill the day before the landlord told her this wish means she had no money...so wht was she to do...she called me....i then called the police dept..who stated to me that what the landlord had done was against the law and that they would take care of it....in all of this i found out the LANDLORD worked for the police dept in the jail...so guess what ...nothing was done...i am confused as to how the law changed in abut 20 mins....they were meaning the police dept...of mayfield kentucky was suppose to call me and let me know all was ok and taken care of..i never recieved a call back...i have tried to find out how to get this house put under something so tht it can not be rented again in this condision...i have been told they will look into it and go by there today....that was never done....i cant help but wonder if all this is because the landlord works for a law enforment dept..which to me should be done by the book being that they are the law...but i am way to old to know that is not true....i dont know if this is something u would even look into...but sure would be nice to do another pc. on slum lord and the way the law changes if you work for a dept of law inforcement

    thank-you for your time on this matter....my email is booger 1826@hotmail.com if u would like to confer some more on this matter...thank-you again wanda michael

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