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Will I trust this program again?

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    I would catch various episodes of 20/20 and found them very informative. Sometimes even scary to be informed at what was happening 'out there' without anyone seemingly doing something about it.

    This all changed on June 1st. That day 20/20 aired a report on a company I have been involved with for 10 years. The CEO was interviewed and parts of his interview were aired. Cameras were secretly taping meetings led by individual associates with this company and snippits were aired. Interviews with one woman who said these glyconutrients has healed her of cancer and had refused traditional therapy because of it were aired and discussed. To watch that program one would think here was yet another company selling snake oil and making false claims to get a buck.

    But this isn't so. 20/20, in my opinion has now reached the level of the National Enquirer and other such sleezy tabloids. They had an agenda and aired comments, etc., that "proved" their slant. And the poor unsuspecting viewer is now given information as FACT where the majority of what was presented really isn't fact at all.

    The CEO was smart. He had his own camera crew in filming the interview at the same time as 20/20 was. The whole interview is in 4 parts on youtube. The lady who was now cancer free also added to her blog.

    For the whole story go to http://www.abc2020mannatech.com/

    Angie's WHOLE story (the cancer patient) go to http://www.angie-rhoads.blogspot.com

    The CEO who was interviewed has written a letter to 20/20. Here it is in full:

    Dear Mr. Martz:

    I speak for thousands of our loyal consumers and Associates when I convey how disappointed we are with the biased 20/20 segment about Mannatech that ABC News aired June 1. We believe ABC News shirked its journalistic ethics by completely ignoring the documents, data and information we provided that substantiated our science, debunked our critics and showed that hundreds of thousands of consumers worldwide attribute improved quality of life to our products.

    ABC News provided little of substance considering it conducted a three-month investigation. Despite the outlandish claims of our critics and ABC's deliberate distortion of the truth, it is amazing that you did not present one Mannatech consumer who was unhappy with the products they were taking.

    The science behind our products is one of the foundations of our company. The documentation we provided disproved allegations by researchers Hudson Freeze and Ronald Schnaar that Ambrotose doesn't work or has no benefit. It's ironic that, when armed with the allegations of our critics, the media insist we show them validation for our products. When we provide this validation, the media dismiss it as irrelevant. When we ask these same media to demand that our critics provide validation for their claims, they refuse. Neither Mr. Freeze nor Mr. Schnaar provided any evidence to substantiate their allegations. Did ABC even ask them to? Why did ABC News not mention Dr. John Axford, one of the world's leading glycobiologists who conducted a pilot study suggesting systemic beneficial effects in those who consumed Ambrotose? We provided you with this information but you chose to ignore it.

    Based on our discussions with some of the Mannatech independent Associates filmed via hidden camera, your undercover reporters were deliberately deceitful. Although one of the Associates told the undercover reporter repeatedly that Mannatech products did not cure disease, the reporter insisted that she say they did. She refused, but the one comment she did make was taken totally out of context.

    ABC News' distortion of the truth is a travesty. Stories like this influence the uninformed, who rely on the media's accuracy, balance and objectivity to make critical life decisions.


    Sam Caster

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


    So, 20/20 what do YOU have to say after all this?

    Peggy Bendell (Mrs)


    Peggy from Porcupine

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