Season 26 Episode 38

Natalee Holloway, Alanis Morisette & More

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 10, 2005 on ABC

Episode Recap

For 11 days, the family of Natalee Holloway has been on the island of Aruba searching for her day and night. The police and military have been combing the island, looking for any trace of the beautiful Alabama teen who came to the Caribbean island with her friends to celebrate their high school graduation.

Her songs captured her frustration, her resentments and her seething, vengeful rage toward the man who did her wrong. Some women get mad. Some women get even. Alanis Morissette seemed to want to do both.

Bob Brown gets a sneak peak at what is likely to be one of the summer's hottest tours - the Return of King Tutankhamun, an exhibit from the tomb of an Egyptian boy Pharoah, King Tut. Brown speaks to Tom Hoving -- the man responsible for bringing the original Treasures of Tutenkhamen record-breaking museum exhibit to America between1976-79 -- about the phenomenon. "It was like people could kind of almost reach out and shake the hand of a bygone civilization," Hoving tells Brown. "We know nothing about him... But who cares? This stuff is gorgeous. Unparalleled. When you look at it, you kind of, you move to another realm." Hoving says that, along with this traveling exhibit, there will be a campaign hailing Tut as the "king of bling." "He [King Tut] is the 'king of bling'. That jewelry that they found partly on him - some of it is in lapis lazuli and solid gold. You can hardly lift the stuff. It is astonishing."
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