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  • Failure to support or even expose the impossible problems men and boys face.

    I am posting my disgust with the bigoted behaviour that ABC, News and 20/20 have demonstrated against the Men's Human Right Site "A Voice for Men". Not only has the 20/20 program demonstrated it's clearly maintained sexism, anti-male bias and obvious discrimination in it's refusal to show the program, but it also doctored that program in such a way to humiliate, denigrate and obfuscate any efforts that Men are trying to make a difference to their now additionally hardened lives.

    I find it now obvious that ABC, ABC News and the 20/20 programs to be bigoted and biased and not worthy of being viewed in any fashion at all. The hypocrisy of the program's host as well as management of the ABC media outlet, is a shear disgrace. It should have a good hard look at their own disgusting attitude towards men and boys issues in general. Obviously, the ABC and ABC's 20/20, only ever want to promote females and their issues while completely ignoring any issues, bias and bigotry, that men and boys face on a daily basis.
  • moms giving up their kids

    I am a 43 year old mother of 3 beautiful kids aged 21, 18, and 12. I have not seen my 18 or 12 year old in almost 9 years and they live about 5 miles away from me. My 21 year old stuck with me. I went through some bad mental health times and lost my 2 daughters, to my step-mother and my father. My daughter is 18 now, and I'm hoping that she comes to me because I have the real answers as to what really happened, not the horrible story that my step-monster told them. I really loved this show. I think that if fathers can get divorced or separated, and the kids live with the mother- then why can't it be the other way around???

    I love the episode on 5/4/2013 I have a neighbor that is so bad that most of the neighbors go inside when he come out side . He Is racist and a ***phobe and I wish their was something we could do so he would stop harassing us and our pets.
  • Really like.

    Some episodes are bad or stupid but 9 times out of 10 it is great. Love all the people except Barbara Walters.
  • Lots of news coverage!

    Very interesting to watch! This is what kind of inspired me into contributing to journalism.
  • Why put in the "and God created the earth...." Not everyone believes in God,that "God" is the cause for earthquakes. It is so clear as to why these things occur, which has nothing to do with a single "God". Jacquelyn Canoose jycanoose@live.com

    I was in Alaska during the 64 earthquake. My son lives in Santa Cruz and daughter in San Francisco. Leave out your religious dogma as it puts your reputable knowledge to question. It has been proven why we have natural disasters. Most accidents are not true accidents, but carelessness or purposeful acts. It is so easy to blame this so called "God". Please don't take the easy street. I respect your show more than that. I do have an idea for a show. Why is it that doctors wear ties? They change their shirts and medical greens daily. Ties washed?
  • 20/20

    A very good News program i lot of the storys are relly good and the ancors are good at their jobs a good late night news program with a handfull of ancors who report on storys form all over the world the programs storys are mostly for our benifit as consumers they do a lot of consumers reports which i relly like those are relly good storys wlater does the best job to me i think that is mostly what i have to say about this newsprogram i give this show called 20/20 a rating of 9.4 for good news reporting and storys.
  • Too ideologically-flavored for my liking.

    I too thought 20/20 was a fairly good show in the past, but now it seems more agenda-driven and aimed at stirring controversy. On more than one occasion, the show has seemed like a pulpit for Stossel's political ideology. In one moment, we hear a reasonable point, and in the next an "unbalanced" argument (or an argument presented with weak or extremist opposition) that oversimplifies an issue. He points out that some people make money from scaring people, but doesn't appear to challenge those maximizing profits in other questionable ways, like misleading the public to avoid reasonable, scientifically-based regulation. Or maybe I missed that show.
  • Come on the world is completely crazy, and this is all they have to offer.

    I just saw the "hazing" that is so bad a cruel. First off its not suppose to be a treat to be accepted. Maybe they should go to boot camp and see how they work. You get broken down a then your built back up to make sure you have what it takes, because its real life. When you go to college alot of these kids have been out from under mommy and daddys arm sucking their thumbs. Not all frats are the same, different strokes for differnet folks. This is the tempo they set to see if the fly or fall. Myspace.com has crazier stuff that just seems normal to me and my peeps..........O what I get it this is a show for old people. Probably a range of 45 to dead. Marlyin Manson dosn't even shock my grandparents anymore. Go talk to a triple amputie thats is still going on with life, or has even a better outlook on life. You probably got some kick back for that stupid bad jocks website. Use your powers to make a difference, not just fill air time.
  • 20/20

    I love to watch the news and see what is going on in the world today. 20/20 is a good news show I like JOhn the host i can not spell his last name but anyway the storys that they put on are good storys. This and primetime are good shows and to check out news storys. I all so like How John the host voice sounds it sounds like something out of a cartoon. Also when he dislikes something is funny how he puts those words togeter well i guess that is all i have and that is all.
  • This show has some really good stories./This show sometimes has just flatout stupid ideas.

    This show has some really good stories. This show is pretty addicting even if you just watch it once. You just get sucked into the episode.

    This show sometimes has just flatout stupid ideas like when they did like 50 episodes for the online predator concept. Sometimes I just get board with the show.
  • Going downhill very fast!

    Though it may not be like 60 Minutes and some
    People call it a clone, the show has since
    Really came out on its own and though I may not
    Be a Barbara Walters fan, she and Hugh Downs made the
    Show really work very good. John Stossel is just too arrogant IMO for my taste
    Though I think I like Elizabeth Vargas pretty well!
  • What happen to this show?

    20/20 use to be a great show. I watched it every Friday evening at 10:00pm EST. However, ever since Hugh Downs retired from the show in 1999, the show has gone down hill. It went even more down hill when Barbara Walters left. I use to enjoy John Stossel's segments but as he took over centerstage more the show was trying much too hard to capture younger audience. Just because you're trying to capture a younger audience does not mean you have to dumb down what was a great show. I don't blame Mr. Stossel for the downfalls of the show entirely. However, after I went to his book signing for "Give Me a Break: How I Exposed Hucksters, Cheats, and Scam Artists and Became the Scourge of the Liberal Media" I realize that he is part of the problem by believing that the younger audience enjoys only "entertainment news". This is a classic case of the generation gap. So I stopped watching 20/20 but occasionally watch the previews at the beginning of the show and hope.

    Please stop trying so hard 20/20 and just report the truth about the world.

    An once avid fan,
    Member of the "Younger Audience"
  • Informative yet sometimes unscientific

    I read one of the other reviews that smashed the show because of John Stossel's piece on Education. He was right on that issue, schools waste the money they are given and teachers are now paid more than that of other professions that require more knowledge so teachers can't whine about salaries anymore. Schools do not benefit from wasting money on them, if the school cannot function on a reasonable amount of money then the school should fail and private schools should be an option. The other reviewer must be a bad teacher and saw his story as an attack on bad teachers, well it was an attack on bad teachers and you shouldn't have a job if you cannot educate the students. Stossel is a skeptic and since I am a skeptic, I can say that most people disagree with him because they don't want to know the truth unless they agree with it. Sometimes though the pieces are certain situational biased pieces that come to conclusions that are not scientific. Still a great show though and worthy of an hour of your time.
  • 20/20 should be billed as "entertainment" rather than "news". John Stossel's "reporting" is little more than sensationalist, biased, baloney. This is a poor version of Bill O'Reilly so it is not even good entertainment. At least we get a laugh out of O'Re

    To be honest, I hadn't watched 20/20 for years. I remembered it as decent investigative reporting, so when I saw John Stossel was reporting on U.S. education, "Stupid in America", I tuned in expecting to get some factual reporting. Instead, I found an extremely biased, Fox-type show, hosted by a sneering, melodramatic John Stossel, who, in spite of trying desperately to care about the subject, just came off as stupid himself.

    Stossel begins by declaring America's public schools as failures; inner-city, rural, south, north, east, west...they are all "stupid". Then, he interviews kids in Belgium who also say America's schools are stupid. The private and charter school personnel he interviews have little to offer because they are not dealing with the general public. Any school with parents who are shelling out extra bucks for their kid's education is going to have a leg up on the public schools.

    And the answer to America's woes? Vouchers. So Mr. Stossel has an answer to address the stupid schools, the same answer as the folks who gave us No Child Left Behind are proposing. Now I believe a case, albeit a feeble one, can be made for vouchers, an entire show selling the idea should not be billed as "news" or "investigative reporting". At best, it is biased. At worst, it is propaganda.

    And what's up with Stossel? Kept after school too many times as a kid? It seeme to me like "stupid" said more about the host than it did about the schools.
  • ABC's answer to their own "60 Minutes" this provocative and informing shows brings the latest in entertainment, political, and home hitting topics.

    Each episode brings new information and topics through interviews and stories. Although some of the topics can be disturbing and sadining, 20/20 always finds a way to add some light hearted fun into an episode. Now on it's 27th season the show's topics and episodes are still becoming ever so more intresting with an amazing cast of corespondents and anchors. 20/20 has started the careers of many now known news reporters including Barbara Walters, Daine Swayer, and Connie Chung. This is a show that all ages can tune into and watch on Friday nights.
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