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  • 20/20 should be billed as "entertainment" rather than "news". John Stossel's "reporting" is little more than sensationalist, biased, baloney. This is a poor version of Bill O'Reilly so it is not even good entertainment. At least we get a laugh out of O'Re

    To be honest, I hadn't watched 20/20 for years. I remembered it as decent investigative reporting, so when I saw John Stossel was reporting on U.S. education, "Stupid in America", I tuned in expecting to get some factual reporting. Instead, I found an extremely biased, Fox-type show, hosted by a sneering, melodramatic John Stossel, who, in spite of trying desperately to care about the subject, just came off as stupid himself.

    Stossel begins by declaring America's public schools as failures; inner-city, rural, south, north, east, west...they are all "stupid". Then, he interviews kids in Belgium who also say America's schools are stupid. The private and charter school personnel he interviews have little to offer because they are not dealing with the general public. Any school with parents who are shelling out extra bucks for their kid's education is going to have a leg up on the public schools.

    And the answer to America's woes? Vouchers. So Mr. Stossel has an answer to address the stupid schools, the same answer as the folks who gave us No Child Left Behind are proposing. Now I believe a case, albeit a feeble one, can be made for vouchers, an entire show selling the idea should not be billed as "news" or "investigative reporting". At best, it is biased. At worst, it is propaganda.

    And what's up with Stossel? Kept after school too many times as a kid? It seeme to me like "stupid" said more about the host than it did about the schools.