Friday 10:00 PM on ABC Premiered Jun 02, 1978 In Season


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  • Come on the world is completely crazy, and this is all they have to offer.

    I just saw the "hazing" that is so bad a cruel. First off its not suppose to be a treat to be accepted. Maybe they should go to boot camp and see how they work. You get broken down a then your built back up to make sure you have what it takes, because its real life. When you go to college alot of these kids have been out from under mommy and daddys arm sucking their thumbs. Not all frats are the same, different strokes for differnet folks. This is the tempo they set to see if the fly or fall. Myspace.com has crazier stuff that just seems normal to me and my peeps..........O what I get it this is a show for old people. Probably a range of 45 to dead. Marlyin Manson dosn't even shock my grandparents anymore. Go talk to a triple amputie thats is still going on with life, or has even a better outlook on life. You probably got some kick back for that stupid bad jocks website. Use your powers to make a difference, not just fill air time.