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  • Failure to support or even expose the impossible problems men and boys face.

    I am posting my disgust with the bigoted behaviour that ABC, News and 20/20 have demonstrated against the Men's Human Right Site "A Voice for Men". Not only has the 20/20 program demonstrated it's clearly maintained sexism, anti-male bias and obvious discrimination in it's refusal to show the program, but it also doctored that program in such a way to humiliate, denigrate and obfuscate any efforts that Men are trying to make a difference to their now additionally hardened lives.

    I find it now obvious that ABC, ABC News and the 20/20 programs to be bigoted and biased and not worthy of being viewed in any fashion at all. The hypocrisy of the program's host as well as management of the ABC media outlet, is a shear disgrace. It should have a good hard look at their own disgusting attitude towards men and boys issues in general. Obviously, the ABC and ABC's 20/20, only ever want to promote females and their issues while completely ignoring any issues, bias and bigotry, that men and boys face on a daily basis.