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Season 40 : Episode 37

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Season 40 : Episode 37

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  • 20/20: Children of Camden
    20/20: Children of Camden
    Episode 01.26.07
    Diane Sawyer reports on children affected by poverty and violence in New Jersey.
  • Stupid in America
    Stupid in America
    Episode 53
    John Stossel updates his January 2006 report in which explored the academic performance of American students. He continues his criticism of public schools.
  • Last Days on Earth
    Last Days on Earth
    Episode 52
    Elizabeth Vargas explores seven scenarios for cataclysms that could destroy civilization on Earth, assesses the likelihood that any of them could occur and explores ways humans might be able to stop them. The seven include: a gamma-ray burst caused by the “death” of a star, artificial intelligence taking over, the eruption of a supervolcano, an asteroid strike, nuclear war, a pandemic or bioterrorism, and climate change.moreless
  • Katrina Claims
    Katrina Claims
    Episode 51
    Brian Ross investigates Katrina-related insurance claims. A profile of a couple, both of whom have Down syndrome, who were married in July. Also, an update on a 2005 report about a $10 million settlement in a Michigan palimony case.
  • Killer Photographer
    Killer Photographer
    Episode 50
    A report on a photographer on death row who may be linked to cases of missing models from the 1970s and '80s. Also, an update on Arizona twins born with heart defects. Finally, a look at the life of orphans in AIDS-ravaged Namibia, and John Stossel examines summer safety.
  • Conjoined Twins
    Conjoined Twins
    Episode 49
    A report on Kendra and Maliyah Herrin, conjoined 4-year-old twins who were separated in a Salt Lake City hospital earlier in August 2006.
  • Imprisoned
    Episode 48
    An Omaha woman, who was imprisoned by her husband for 10 years, is interviewed. Farrah Gray, a 21-year-old Chicago entrepreneur, is profiled. Finally, a report on the post-“Annie” experiences of child actresses who starred in the hit musical.
  • Hoaxing
    Episode 47
    A profile of Sarah Everson, a Missouri woman who said she was pregnant with sextuplets to get donations. Also, the factual basis for the movie “The Night Listener,” featuring interviews with author Armistead Maupin and star Robin Williams.
  • Breast-feeding & Gasoline Prices
    Breast-feeding and humane treatment of lobsters are discussed. John Stossel on gasoline prices, and a report on Canadian barterer Kyle MacDonald, who began with one red paper clip and ended up trading up for a house.
  • Justin Barber & Medical Experimentation
    Justin Barber, who's accused of killing his wife on a Florida beach in 2002, is interviewed. Brian Ross investigates allegations of medical experimentation that goes on without the subject's knowledge. Judith Wright, a professional life coach, tell viewers how to conquer bad habits. Finally, Lynn Sherr discusses the difficulties some women face in fitting into fashionable footwear.moreless
  • State of the Union
    State of the Union
    Episode 44
    George Stephanopoulos examines political polarization in the U.S. He also explores the impact of cable-news talk shows and partisan Web sites on the voting public, and two senators that are trying to change lack of bipartisanship in the Senate.
  • Our Bodies: Myths, Lies and Straight Talk
    This episode explores health questions on the topics of exercise and health, sun exposure, memory loss, heart health, and alcohol consumption.
  • Consumer Report
    Consumer Report
    Episode 42
    A report on credit-card scams, misleading advertising and shady restaurant practices. Also featured is the dangers of cosmetic dentistry and sneaky police practices.
  • Vashied: Exchange Student in Dublin
    An update on a 2000 report on the disappearance of Annie McCarrick, an American student living in Dublin, who went missing in 1993. McCarrick was hiking in Ireland's Wicklow Mountains when she vanished.
  • Foster Care
    Foster Care
    Episode 40
    A profile of the foster care system in America, including a look Heart Gallery, a program that aids in the adoption of foster children by having professional photographers take their pictures. Brian Ross reports on a series of rapes of spring breakers in Cancun. Finally, Lorraine Bracco discusses her book about depression titled, “On the Couch”.moreless
  • Chris Gardner & James Perry
    Bob Brown profiles stockbroker Chris Gardner, author of “The Pursuit of Happyness”, who was once homeless. Also, an update on a 2005 report on James Perry, the “mall rapist”, who's serving life in prison after having been convicted of sexually assaulting more than 40 women and children.
  • Wealth
    Episode 38
    An exploration into how to accumulate it and the sort of person most likely to. Also, interviews with Donald Trump, Richard Branson, lumber tycoon Joseph Hardy, authors Tom Stanley and David Bach, Robert Kiyosaki, and Farrah Gray, a 21-year-old businessman who made his first million at age 14.
  • Medical Mysteries Behind `Grey's Anatomy'
    20/20 discusses many of the hit show's most talked about episodes and the patients that were dealt with, from a women who had persistant orgasms to people with broken heart syndrome.
  • Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidity
    Based on the bestselling book by co-anchor John Stossel. In his new book John Stossel finds the truth on many of America's everyday myths.
  • Flipping & Feuding
    Flipping & Feuding
    Episode 35
    A report on real estate market. Featured on segments on “flipping” houses, selling “tainted” properties, a developer who's building “mega-mansions” on speculation, unusual house modifications, and feuding between neighbors.
  • Mission: Impossible III
    After two successful movies, Mission Impossible (1996) earning $180,943,675, Mission Impossible II (2000) earning $215,397,307, Tom Cruise is back in his role of Ethan Hunt for the third installment.
  • Freakonomics
    Episode 33
    John Stossel discusees the book Freakonomics with the author.
  • Twin Heartache, Two Messiahs & Remembering Penny
    The Draper family needs a miracle for their two twin babies. 20/20 talks with the new author of the book "The Jesus Dynasty". And finaly 20/20 mourns the loss of their own producer Penny Fleming.
  • Up from Nothing
    Up from Nothing
    Episode 31
    Shakira, from obscurity to stardom. Bon Jovi, beating the odds with determination. Joy Mangano, from mops to millions. Two immigrants trading cans and bottles for education.
  • Life Without Sex, Self-Defense Gone Too Far, Luck and Love
    People who call themselves "asexual", people who take crime into their own hands and boy from Sierra Leone.
  • Vanished: College Coeds
    There are 21,000 active missing persons accounts of people from age 18-29. Two female college studnets vanish. 20/20 investigates the cases of two missing girls that have shocked college towns from coast to coast.
  • On a Binge
    On a Binge
    Episode 28
    When it comes to binge-drinking on campus, girls are now keeping up with the boys.

    Stossel Responds to Teachers New York teachers had planned to honor John Stossel for his reporting. Now, they're protesting his recent education special, "Stupid in America." Culkin Opens Up Former child star talks with Barbara Walters about his career, his relationship with Michael Jackson and his new book. Finally, a tribute to Dana Reeve.moreless
  • Deadly Secrets
    Deadly Secrets
    Episode 27
    Why do people keep secrets. A teen mother accidentally kills her new born child and then dumps it into a lake. Cheaters, secret and other liars.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker & Dancing with the Stars
    A report on the hit show Dancing with the Stars. Barbara Walters interviews Sarah Jessica Parker on her career from "Annie" to "Sex and the City" on HBO, her husband and the her future. Finally, a report on the nutrtional value of whole grains and a repeat of part of "Food: Myths, Lies and Straight Talk."moreless
  • Vanished: Dangerous Obsession
    Lucie Blackman, a young American women, finds and exclusive Tokyo job and then when everything was just going her way she went missing.
  • Myth, Lies and Nasty Behavior
    Do you think farmers need more government assistance? Do you think gasoline is more expensive than ever? John Stossel may make you reconsider.
  • That's So Rude: What Happened to Manners in America?
    Are we ruder in America? What are average people saying about this? Most Americans believe that we are getting ruder with noise, cursing and other things.
  • Moms, Daughters, & Playboy Housewives
    Forget June Cleaver and Mrs. Brady. From pole dancing to Playboy, women are breaking the mold of housewives and moms.

    Motherhood isn't what it used to be, and neither is the mother-daughter relationship. 20/20 follows moms and daughters who love each other -- and drive each other crazy.
  • Are You Everything You Say You Are?
    The truth might set you free, but a little bit of lying can make you rich. 20/20 meets some masters of deception who've found fame and fortune by pretending to be something they're not.
  • Stupid In America: How We Are Cheating Out Kids
    U.S. public school kids do worse on academic tests than children from poorer countries. John Stossel finds out why in a special report.
  • Star Jones & E-Waste
    Celebrity Star Jones is profiled. Also, a report on a Texas sexual-assault case. Finally, the topic of “e-waste” is discussed.
  • Myth, Lies and Straight Talk
    John Stossel continues his series, and questions 10 pieces of "common knowledge", including “the world is getting too crowded,” “Republicans shrink government,” and “getting cold will give you a cold".
  • Heart Warming Updates
    An update on 3 heart warming stories that have aired, including a profile of the survivors of the 2004 school massacre in Russia, survivor and advocate for victims of domestic abuse, and a pediatric neurosurgeon who operated on a dog for free so that its owners would pay for surgery for a poor child. Finally, stories on abandoned pets, and Vince Guaraldi's jazz soundtrack to the 1965 “Peanuts” special “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”moreless
  • Heaven: Where Is It? How Do We Get There?
    Barbara Walters goes into this subject with interviews from different religious groups and skeptics.
  • No Way Out
    No Way Out
    Episode 15
    No way out New Orleans Hospital, The Song In Her Heart: Stage Actress overcomes Tragedy.
  • Type T-Teens
    Type T-Teens
    Episode 14
    An investigation into the power of pheromones and a new theory about the cause of teens' risky behavior. Also, a profile of Broadway's “The Color Purple”, and Barbara Walters' interview with Mark David Chapman.
  • The New Rich: Secrets, Stratgies (and What You Can Learn from Them)
    Some of the most successful entrepreneurs are profiled. Jeff Skoll (eBay), Dov Charney (American Apparel), Kimora Lee Simmons (Baby Phat), and Jim Sinegal (Costco) discuss their moneymaking strategies.
  • The Fat Factor
    The Fat Factor
    Episode 12
    Weight issues are explored. Wynonna Judd, Carnie Wilson and golfer Cristie Kerr are interviewed. Dr. Scott Shikora of Boston's Tufts-New England Medical Center and Dr. Tim Johnson discuss a weight-loss treatment that fools dieters into feeling full after eating just a few bites. Finally, Dr. David Katz talks about the role of food flavor in weight gain.moreless
  • Shop Talk: Steals, Deals and Scams
    A holiday-shopping survey, including sales strategies, online shopping, outlet malls, buying in bulk at warehouse clubs that charge annual fees, and expensive items for children. Finally, take a look at gifts in the Neiman Marcus holiday catalog.
  • Bill Maher & More
    Bill Maher & More
    Episode 10
    A report on greed, part of the show's “Seven Deadly Sins” series, including the former Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski and other disgraced corporate executives, and charity and a look at how the material.
  • Dead Beat Dads
    Dead Beat Dads
    Episode 9
    The search for Dead Beat Dads, interview with Nicole Richie, reports on gasoline mileage, and getting the right size in women's underwear.
  • Commanding Roles
    Commanding Roles
    Episode 8
    Geena Davis talks to "20/20" about her marriage to a man 15 years her junior, her new twins, and her starring role as the first female president in "Commander in Chief."
  • Becoming Diane
    Becoming Diane
    Episode 7
    A man's transformation from a male to female, and is decaff really decaff if you go into certain shopes to buy it? Pluss helicopter moms.
  • The Dirt Dozen: Germ Myths & Interview with King of Saudi Arabia
    Germs, bacteria, viruses -- we all want to avoid them, especially during flu season. But do you really know how? "20/20" takes on the myths about germs. After tonight, you'll think twice about eating lunch at your desk. Barbara Walters interviews the King of Saudi Arabia.
  • Buying a Home
    Buying a Home
    Episode 5
    Experts' tips on how to sell homes at a higher price, the pros and cons of using a real-estate broker, and a coast-to-coast survey of the housing market.
  • Fantasia Barrino
    Fantasia Barrino
    Episode 4
    Deborah Roberts interviews Ashley Smith, who was help captive by a killer in Atlanta. Bill Ritter interviewsFantasia Barrino, and Elizabeth Vargas interviews Carole Radziwill, who was friends with John F. Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy. Bob Brown profiles a handicapped high-school wrestler.
  • Lessons from the Dust Bowl
    Tens of thousands of people might be forced to relocate permanently after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. What lessons can we learn from another massive American migration decades ago?
  • Lance Armstrong & Sheryl Crow
    The marriage excuse, adult and child wed in Kansas. Lance Armstrong & Sheryl Crow discuss their marriage plans. Martin Bashir interviews Alan Alda about his new memoir. Finally, musician Wynton Marsalis comments on the destruction of New Orleans, his hometown.
  • Colin Powell
    Colin Powell
    Episode 1
    Barbara Walters interviews former Secretary of State Colin Powell about Sept. 11, the war in Iraq and his speech to the United Nations. Finally, an update on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.