2030 CE

Season 2 Episode 12


Aired Thursday 10:30 PM Mar 27, 2003 on YTV

Episode Recap

Rome finds out the uber tubers plans for her. She is bait for Jakki and Zeus. She soon finds out that her friend Pen has been captured also. Meanwhile, the city is plagued with a flu-like disease that Robby discovers is caused by magnetic waves caused by the uber tubers. Zeus calls Dr. Rich and gives her the antidote (Salt and Water) but she refuses to believe him. In the dome, Hart finds out that he must spend 3 months in the Dome to heal properly. To speed things up, he drains all of the tubes. Zeus and Jakki go back to the entrance to the birthing center that they found the previous episode. They can't find the portal, but they do receive a message from Faydra. Zeus records it and they find carnival music in the background. They rush off to the old fair grounds where they find Rome and Pen trapped. Rome and Pen tell them to go away because it's a trap, but they get out anyway. On the way out, they meet up with Faydra and her henchmen, who chase them through an old water slide. In the end, they get away. Susik returns to the Storm and proposes a deal with Robby. They protect him and he would give the information on the ubers. He informs Robby that they were his case before the Storm. In the end, Robby finds Hart melting. He tells everyone that something is going to hatch...
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