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  • A very well thought out show. It didn't deserve to be ended on such a climactic point in the storyline. A classic!

    2030 CE shows a creative point of view of what the world of tomorrow will be like. It hints that possibly the government will control everything, and possibly will have evil motives. The show attracted me very easily yet it ended too early and left many unanswered questions. This show should be brought back because of its originality.

    The show ended with Hart finally emerging from a dome which he had been trapped in for a long period of time. Soon after escaping he collapsed after reuniting with his friends. Hopefully this classic storyline will be continued in the near future.

    Bring it back!
  • like many shows this was a well thought out show that got cut because of money or timeskot issues. It was only on ytv which is known for just for playing old shows no longer made so it is no surprise it got the axe.

    It is a show that makes one have to think really hard about what could happen. There are many movies like this like Christian bales independent film Equilibrium. With out shows like this we would not have people who question actions of certain governments which is why it got cut. It has a great and wonderful cast where every charcter will not be over acted.
  • A brilliant show silenced before its time; a bright and shining star, so unique and amazing, snuffed out without remorse.

    This show is amazing. That's all that can be said. 2030CE was a revolutionary television show which I am proud to say is 100% Canadian. This show is brimming with excellence.

    The actors are nothing short of brilliant. Corey Sevier, Jessica Lucas, Tatiana Maslany, Neil Denis, Elyse Levesque, Skye Kneller, and the kick-ass Mr. Zeus himself, Curtis Harrison. The supporting actors and actresses were just as good, in particular, my kudos goes out to Allison Perlov, who played the role of Pen. T

    he writing and directing is first-rate, and the story is filled with action, drama, intrigue, and mystery. Just what are Nexes' true intentions? Will the Storm succeed in its "anarchist" goals? What secrets is Nexes hiding behind its veil? Who is Zeus and what is his connection to Maxine Rich? Will Hart survive? And just what IS Quixote, and what are her true intentions? All these questions remain unanswered, waiting in vain for funding from Telefilm Canada that will never come.

    Still, a few die hard fans will remain, such as me, ever waiting for its return, and the answers to the questions we are left with at the end of Season 2. Until the questions are revealed, we will wait, keep hoping that one day, the answers to our questions will come, and some closure will come for the trials of Hart, Rome, Jakki, Robby, Zeus, Maxine, Pen, Quixote, and the rest of the 2030CE crew. Until then, fellow fans.


    Review by Cryotic / Brody
  • --- This show was nothing short of revolutionary; a show way ahead of it's time. Set beyond the limits of typical television 2030 Ce was a show in it's own ---

    This show was nothing short of revolutionary; a show way ahead of it's time. Set beyond the limits of typical television 2030 Ce was a show in its own. Nothing like the terrible nature of television; no smut, no filler; just television as it's meant to be viewed. 2030 Ce takes place in the year after its name an era of futuristic advances that would make even the Jetson family jealous. Graced and blessed with technology the people of Nexes are happily living their lives, their genetic make up determining their lives for them. However, not everything in Nexes is wonderful. Premature deaths at the tender age of thirty due to a mysterious illness known as P.A.S. (Progressive Aging Syndrome) affects every single person in every single region. However, a team of young rogues take it upon themselves to find out the meaning of P.A.S., its mysteries, and more importantly, what Nexes has to do with it all.