Sunday 8:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Jan 28, 2007 Special


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  • This show gives you a look into the future and how its gonna be.

    2057 was a good show i leared how the future is gonna be. It would be cool if the the things they say really does happen. One of the Ideas they talked about was an elevator to the moon. When i heard about it i thought thats not possible but then they explained it and they made it look reallistic. Also they talked about robots and how they want to have them in everyday life. I think thats weird to have robots helping us in everday life, but i think they could test it with older people first because the robot could help them with little chores. Overall this is a really good that is very informative.
  • 2057 is a year of incredible technology, yet apparently has nothing interesting. There is no story, no characters with drive, and only shows a future that is no future of anyone. Change the channel quickly!

    This is the worst show that I have ever seen. How could any like this show. I understand the science is important to 2057, but what about all the other qualities that make a great tv show, such as a story line. I can't get into this show. They could have at least made it interesting. There is nothing valuable about it. If I would have been in charge of it, I would have had characters that are driven by something. How can they make a tv show that isn't a tv show? Just change the channel. Trust me. I'm a tv junkie but never a junkie on this show.