21 Jump Street

Season 1 Episode 3

America, What a Town

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Apr 19, 1987 on FOX

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  • What an episode....

    I love the way Hanson gets fustrated at penhall in this episode you see him trying so hard to remember the serial number bless him. It's hilarious watching them both together, I love how Hanson gets so fustrated about the insurance things. My favourite part of the episode though is at the end when the tell the kids there cops and at first the kids dont believe them, when hansn and penhall flash there badge and they start running the funniest thing ever that made me lol so much was when Hanson and Penhall look at each other and Hanson says They're running and Penhall is like there running and then they give chase. Excellent stuff