21 Jump Street

Season 4 Episode 26

Blackout (aka Business as Usual)

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jun 18, 1990 on FOX

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  • It still sends shivers up my spine!

    This is one of those episodes which haunts you. A young girl is jogging through the park when she is attacked by a group of teenage boys who rape and then try to kill her.

    Doug is undercover as a teacher, while Judy and Tom are students. When the storms cuts the power the same group get out of class and start prowling the corridors chanting and looking for 'a good time'.

    When Tom and Judy reveal themselves as police officers Judy almost becomes another victim, but Alison, one of the teenager's girlfriends steps in to get them to look at what they're doing and why.

    A truly touching episode that shows how easily a mob can go from fun to dangerous and deadly. Not to mention whoever wrote that chant - it made the episode!
  • A disheartening end to the Johnny Depp era on 21 Jump Street.

    A tense, unpleasant episode. Doug, Tom, and Judy go undercover at a high school once again, with Doug as a coach and the other two as students. The plot revolves around the three of them attempting to discover which kids participated in a night of violent "Wilding" at the local park, in which a female jogger was injured. But there is little camaderie between the 3 of them during this episode, and a lot of the focus is on a group of teens who run through the school hallways chanting during a blackout caused by a thunderstorm. The teachers are useless, Doug ends up locked in a storage bin with another teacher, and Tom appears to be creepily part of the gang before he and Judy announce that they are police officers. Even Tom's practical joke involving a sharp saw in shop class comes across as ugly and violent.