21 Jump Street

Season 2 Episode 11

Christmas in Saigon

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Dec 18, 1987 on FOX

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  • Nice showcase for Dustin Nguyen.

    This episode showcases Ioki, who usually doesn\'t get a whole lot of screen time. Let\'s face it, the actor didn\'t have the charisma of Peter DeLuise or Johnny Depp, and often was the odd man out in their adventures. However, this episode plays to his strengths, and is a gripping storyline. Once again, the best plots for 21 Jump Street seem to be the ones that don\'t have anything to do with their undercover assignments. This episode will also allow the actor to actually be Vietnamese, instead of the Japanese \'Ioki.\' Seems to me it would have been obvious to have the character be a Vietnamese refugee from the very beginning -- I guess this episode was created in order to rectify that mistake. A good show, well worth watching.