21 Jump Street

FOX (ended 1991)




Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • Coppin' out
      Coppin' out
      Episode 26
    • 21 Jump Street (aka Jump Street Chapel) (Part 2)
    • Wheels and Deals Part One
    • In the Belly of the Beast
    • 21 Jump Street (aka Jump Street Chapel) (Part 1)
    • Second Chances
      Episode 22

      Mac's investigation of a car theft ring erroneously points to a reformed teenage car stripper Hoffs has been mentoring.  While Hoffs tries to assure Mac the kid is remaining on the straight and narrow, she's unaware the thieves are putting heavy pressure on him to join their operation.

    • Homegirls
      Episode 21

      A gang member is gunned down in a drive-by shooting while her young daughter and Hoffs look on.  Hoffs gets permission to infiltrate the gang to find the killer on the condition she also gathers evidence against an affiliated gang member suspected of being a gun runner.

    • Fuller suspects the vicious beating death of a teacher / boxing coach was the result of an extortion racket run by his students and poses as the teacher's replacement.  However, his bottled-up grief over the death of a long time friend and colleague jeopardizes his safety and the investigation.

    • Wasted
      Episode 19

      A star high school quarterback dies during a game from a heart attack. Mac is sent in to uncover a suspected drug ring, but instead follows the lead of a teammate / environmental activist who believes the illegal dumping of hazardous waste into a nearby stream is responsible for the death.

    • Crossfire
      Episode 18

      Hoffs faces a $250,000 civil suit when the target of a prostitution sting accuses her of entrapment and hires the vindictive ex-wife of her new boyfriend as his lawyer.  Her defense hinges on Mac convincing a teenage prostitute to testify as a witness.

    • 3/23/91

      Investigating the brutal assaults of several transients, Fuller poses as a bum while Mac infiltrates a high school satanic cult whose leader has enthralled a classmate with her beauty.

    • 2/11/91

      Mac and Joey's investigation of a string of home burglaries in a primarily elderly neighborhood turns up the son of Fuller's new girlfriend as the lead suspect.


    • 2/16/91

      Mac is sent on an emotional roller coaster as he tries to rekindle his relationship with his ex-fiancee while juggling his assignment from the FBI to date the teenage daughter of a ruthless drug trafficker.

    • Film at Eleven
      Episode 14

      McCann shows up the rest of the police force by quickly finding the missing daughter of a local television reporter, but takes on a much more difficult task as he tries to unravel the murder mystery that caused her to run away.

    • Baby Blues
      Episode 13

      In lieu of desk duty, Joey agrees to help care for a drug-addicted neo-natal baby as part of an experimental program to balance the psychological effects of killing a suspect. Despite his initial reluctance to take part, he quickly develops an obsession with the child's well-being that unintentionally puts it at risk.

    • 1/7/91

      Hoffs, Mac, and Joey are given the formidable task of building a case against a rapist who is the son of a wealthy lawyer, has an air-tight alibi, and committed the crime on a campus that has no record of the incident ever being reported.


    • Equal Protection
      Episode 11

      Hoffs regrets not pressing charges against two decorated gang-unit officers responsible for the racially-charged harassment of two of her friends when they later, along with two other officers, severely beat them without provocation.

    • 12/15/90

      Doug has a near death experience after being shot protecting a college deejay about to testify against the mob, forcing him to contemplate his future.  Meanwhile, Hoffs and McCann seek justice by posing as college radio station employees to build evidence of the mob's payola shakedown.

    • 12/8/90

      A recent high school valedictorian is killed during his getaway after holding up a convenience store.  The Jump Street cops are sent in to the nearby college to investigate the claim from the dead student's roommate that they were both blackmailed after buying term papers from a local store.

    • 12/1/90
      While investigating the hit and run murder of a high school football star, McCann becomes involved with a cheerleader who has AIDS.
    • 11/24/90

      Doug and Joey go undercover at a wilderness survival camp for troubled teens to investigate a wealthy businessman's accusation that his son's seemingly accidental death was in fact the result of abuse inflicted by the counselor who runs the camp.

    • Brothers
      Episode 6

      Penhall refuses to reconcile with his younger brother Joey, who's been estranged for five years, after learning he has become a cop and has been assigned to Jump Street. On his first undercover assignment to rescue a girl from a cult that prays on abused teens, Joey finds himself in need of rescue after falling victim to their brainwashing techniques.

    • 11/10/90

      A high school that has just voted to institute a universal drug test to combat a homemade Ecstasy problem nets a number of unlikely suspects, including an undercover Hoffs.  While she tries to repair her professional reputation, McCann is sent in to investigate the chemistry prodigy who organized the vote.

    • Poison
      Episode 4

      Penhall falls for a headstrong narcotics officer Fuller has assigned to investigate a high school heroin dealer, and is hesitant to acknowledge the consequences of the unsanctioned techniques she uses to earn the trust of her targets.

    • Buddy System
      Episode 3

      The murder of a high school student is witnessed by the mentally handicapped student he was partnered with in a program to mainstream disabled youth. Officer Anthony "Mac" McCann is assigned to become the young man's new partner in an attempt to get him to open up about what he saw, while Penhall and Hoffs attempt to break the ice with their new, standoffish colleague.

    • Back to School
      Episode 2

      Rookie officers Garrett and Rocky perceive their inaugural high school undercover assignment as an opportunity to make amends for the mistakes they made during their own school years, but both are forced to relive bad memories when Garrett's estranged brother shows up and Rocky suspects a teacher is hitting on her. Meanwhile, Hoffs goes house hunting.

    • Tunnel of Love
      Episode 1

      Hoffs and Garrett go undercover to build a case against a massage parlor suspected of hosting underage prostitution, only to discover the girl in charge is an undercover DEA agent.

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