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21 Jump Street

Season 1 Episode 7

Gotta Finish the Riff

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM May 17, 1987 on FOX
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The team mourns the death of Captain Jenko by a drunk driver and are assigned to new units. Jumpstreet is revived under Captain Fuller who has a very different management style. The team has their hands full dealing with a vengeful gang leader who has taken an entire school hostage, including an undercover Hanson.moreless

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  • Best episode so far! 21 Jump Street beginning to be quite good with a new captain! :D

    I grew up watching this series with my mother. She is a Johnny Depp fan so of course likes Hanson but when I was a kid I liked Penhall best. Thought he was funny and you know how children love the funny ones. Used to watch Night Court and my favorite was Bull there. See a pattern people? lol! Well, sort of. Anyway, the old captain is gone. He was hit by a drunk driver and now we have Mr. X from The X-Files as the new leader! Yay! Big fan of that show too! Only kidding. Captain Fuller brings a new kind of feel to the group but the episode was probably the best so far in this first season. So this episode had at least two things going for it! So good was the episode in my opinion that this is my first review of an episode of 21 Jump Street. Not saying it was great because it wasn't but it was good for this show. I've just finished watching and reviewing Moonlighting so I guess you could say that I'm re-living my childhood with these nostalgic 80s series. Captain Fuller's first assignment sends Hanson and Hoffs into a school to look after a principal so a dangerous student doesn't try to kill him. This turns into a hostage situation where Hanson blows his cover and Hoffs is taken hostage by the student. All ends well at the end when Hoffs arrests him and Captain Fuller tries a lame joke to get on the main Jump Street group's good side. If this episode is anything to go by then there are some good times ahead for this series and there was a reason why my mom and I loved watching it. Hopefully it's not too dated where we can both enjoy the experience once again. I have faith. Hey, Rob Bowman and Kim Manners are a couple of directors of these episodes. They also directed The X-Files so that is a very good sign! Now we know where the idea to cast Steven Williams as Mr. X came from. Those writers knew him from way back in the day! :Dmoreless
  • hansen and hoffs go under cover to proctect a head master

    after there captain is killed there are all resigned to differents parts of the force. there are called back to be put back to jump street. there they meet there new captain adam fuller. a tough black cop. there new assigment is to go under cover at a school where the head master is held hostage the whole gang get caught up at the school. hoffs is tasken prison by regg. who has the hots for her. they gang go after her where she gets the gun from regg and puts him under arrest. this is one good episode. i love this new captain.moreless
  • A change that dissapointed but proved to improve and evolve the series

    When the episode started I wondered what was going on, I hadnt read about Jenko's exit and was somewhat confused. The fact that Jenko was written out and Fuller was introduced gave the series new life. I loved Frederic Forrest as Jenko but his character seemed to be one that wouldnt really be able to go very far, When Fuller is introduced he almost fits into the stereotypical american police captain with the way he approaches the job. Hanson is hilarious undercover as geeky Tom, and so predictably blows his cover straight away when Reggie points the gun at the principal. A classic turning point in the series and an excellent episode.moreless
  • Exit Jenko, Enter Fuller a great transition between style of the series

    I love this episode, the character of Jenko was a fun character to have in the series, but in reality the show really picked up when his character was written out of the show. Captain Fuller, was played great by Steve Williams and gave the series a structure that Frederick Forrester's character didn't give. This first episode to feature this new character was equally as entertaining. Have Hanson and Hoffs entering into a school the day it is held up by a gang of students and seeing how Fuller interacts when his officers are put in danger was great. Definitely showed promise that the series would continue after the end of the season(when it was first aired). I'd give this a 6 out of 10 score.moreless
  • Starts off lame, ends up interesting.

    This episode is 'pivotal,' because it deals at the beginning with Jenko's death and the new arrival of Captain Fuller. At the beginning I felt the episode was cheesy, oversentimental, and badly acted (an ongoing problem with the first season). However, things quickly turn interesting as Johnny Depp plays 'nerd' undercover, while Holly Robinson turns on the sex appeal as 'bad girl.' What ensues is a dangerous hostage situation, and Peter DeLuise has some fun undercover as 'pizza delivery boy/rescuer.'

Steven Williams

Steven Williams

Captain Adam Fuller

Peter DeLuise

Peter DeLuise

Officer Douglas 'Doug' Penhall

Holly Robinson Peete

Holly Robinson Peete

Officer Judith "Judy" Hoffs

Dustin Nguyen

Dustin Nguyen

Officer Harry Truman Ioki (season 1-4)

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

Officer Thomas "Tom" Hanson (season 1-4)

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