21 Jump Street

Season 2 Episode 15

I'm OK- You Need Work

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Feb 21, 1988 on FOX

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  • Hanson goes undercover in a drug rehab, without permission from Fuller.

    This episode was pretty good. It had lots of potential, but I don't think they made it quite as good as it could have been. I think that instead of having the story set in the rehab for middle class-ish people it should have been set in the one they find Hanson in at the end. I didn't really get what was SO terrible about the one Kenny was in compared to the end one. Also, I wish they had given us a recap of the pilot episodes so we better remembered who Kenny was, because when I started it I had no idea who he was. The ending was really effective, when they walk through the place looking for Hanson and finally find him.
    All in all, it wasn't bad, but it could have been amazing.
  • Hanson gets trapped in a private drug clinic.

    This is a great episode. its well written and extremely exciting to watch. It starts off with Hanson being approached by Kenny Weckerly's sister who is concerned that her brother is being mistreated in a private drug clinic that his father had him placed in. Hanson feels responsible and decides to check it out. After being warned off by kenny's father and discouraged from interfering by his captain, hanson takes matters into his own hands and has himself placed in the clinic to find out the hard way himself. At times this episode is kind of sad and hard to watch but is undoubtly one of best of the series.
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