21 Jump Street

Season 4 Episode 19

La Bizca

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Feb 26, 1990 on FOX

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  • One of the best of the series, though certainly not a typical outing.

    This episode is amazingly good. In fact, it's difficult to believe that Hanson and Penhall would ever be able to go back to the Jump Street chapel for business as usual after having lived through this experience. It's so good, it shreds all believability. It becomes another show. The two Jump Street partners/best friends head down to El Salvador to try and find Penhall's missing wife, where they are repeatedly harrassed by the authorities and eventually arrested and tortured in a prison. There will be rescues and escapes, there will be explosions, and even the CIA is involved. A great hour.
  • The sadest episode of the series.

    Doug and Tom head to El Salvador to find Martya, Doug's missing wife who was deported earlier in the season.

    They watch as people are shot and the living conditions are good. Finally they find a group of men willing to take them to the village where Martya lived.

    After everything they go through, Doug meets Martya's sister, and when they reach the village Doug learns the truth - his wife is dead.

    Martya's sister begs for Doug to take Clavo, her son, back to America so he can have a better life.

    A touching story which completed what happened to Martya - nothing worse than a series not answering questions. Very well acted - but a tearjerker!
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